Troubleshooting SolidShip Error Messages and Printing Issues

This article explains how to troubleshoot the most common SolidShip error messages and label printing issues.


What we'll cover:

  1. Error: Invalid Authentication Information
  2. Error: Missing or invalid element: MailpieceShape
  3. Error: Product Not Found In Solid Commerce Inventory At Time Of Purchase
  4. Shipping Cost is Incorrect
  5. Printing Issues: Only Part of the Label is Printing, Orientation is Incorrect, or Size is Incorrect
  6. Shipping Labels or Packing Slips Stop Printing & Other Shipping Issues
  7. Related Articles



Error: Invalid Authentication Information



This error message means Solid Commerce is not properly connected to your shipping carrier account (,,, etc.). To resolve it:

1) Log into Solid Commerce. Go to Admin > Manage Shipping Carriers.

2) Hover over the profile for the shipping service you are trying to use.

EXAMPLE: If you are printing a USPS Priority Mail label, and you use an Endicia Label Server account to print USPS postage through Solid Commerce, locate your Endicia Label Server profile.

NOTE: If you have never created a shipping profile, you need to create one in order to connect Solid Commerce to your shipping account. Please see our Related Articles for articles about connecting to your shipping carrier accounts.

3) Click the pencil icon to launch the Edit Profile window.

4) Verify that you have entered the correct Account ID and Pass Phrase / Password.

NOTE: If you are trying to print UPS labels, the failure could be a result of your UPS Pickup/Location address not exactly matching your Default Ship From Address in Solid Commerce. See the Troubleshooting - Address Verification Failure section of the Connecting to UPS article.



Error: Missing or invalid element: MailpieceShape



This error occurs when the package type is not valid for the selected shipping method.

EXAMPLE: You are sending a package via USPS First Class mail but have selected the package type of Custom.

To resolve it, update your package type:

1) If you use Shipping Rules to automatically select the correct shipping method, you need to modify your rules:

  • In Channels Manager, navigate to the Admin menu -> Manage Shipping Rules.
  • Select the rule that is being applied to the order.
  • On the right half of the rule, ensure that you have selected a package type that is valid for the shipping carrier and service specified.

2) If you are checking the override boxes directly in SolidShip, ensure that you have enabled all four of the following overrides. You also need to select an option from each drop-down menu.

  • Override shipping provider, use:
  • Override Shipping Profile
  • Override shipping method, use:
  • Override package type, use:

EXAMPLE: USPS does not allow you to use custom packaging, so choose an appropriate package type, such as USPS Package (Rectangular).


Error: Product Not Found in Solid Commerce Inventory At Time of Purchase



You can receive this error for many reasons. If Solid Commerce cannot locate the order you are attempting to ship, if the order has already been shipped, or if the product information you entered does not correspond with any order, you will see this error message.

You can also receive this error if the item in the order did not exist in Solid Commerce, with a status of Online, when the order imported. This situation can occur if you connect to eBay, but wait to import your live listings. The orders that sync before the listings are imported will have this issue.

To resolve this error, try the following:

1) Verify that you have selected the correct search variable in the drop-down menu at the top of SolidShip.



2) Locate the order on the Manage Orders page of Solid Commerce and check the status of the order. You cannot print a label unless the order has a status of Paid.

3) If the item in your order did not exist in Solid Commerce when the order imported, you have two options.

  • Option 1: If the product is now imported into your warehouse in Solid Commerce, you may locate the order and click Add Item to Order in order to manually add an item to the order now that the product information is in Solid Commerce. You will need to cancel the item (not the order) with the "blank" information.



  • Option 2: Use the shipping software provided by your shipping carrier to print the label for the order. If you do this, we recommend that you find the order on the Manage Orders page in Solid Commerce, open the order details, check the items in the order, and click the Enter Manual Shipping Record button. You can add the carrier and tracking information so that Solid Commerce can update the marketplace for you.




Shipping Cost is Incorrect

If your shipping cost is incorrect, check the following:

1) In the SolidShip interface, ensure that you do not have any unexpected overrides selected.

EXAMPLE: Accidentally selecting Override signature type could incur additional shipping costs since most carriers charge more for this service.

2) Ensure that the product weight is correct. Unless you select the Override total weight, use option in the SolidShip interface, the Product Weight you entered into Solid Commerce for your product will be used.

You can view the Product Weight in the Order Manager area of Solid Commerce by navigating to Orders -> Manage Orders. Locate the order. Click on the SC Sale ID to launch the product details window. You can adjust the weight directly in this window before you print. Save your changes before closing the window.

If you select the Override total weight, use option in the SolidShip interface, ensure that the pounds and ounces are correct.

3) Ensure that you have selected the appropriate mail service for the label.

If you are using Shipping Rules, navigate to Admin --> Manage Shipping Rules. Locate the Shipping Rule that is applicable to the order. Verify that the correct Ship method, Shipping Profile, and Package Type have been selected on the right-hand side of the rule.

If you are using overrides directly in the SolidShip interface, ensure that you have selected the correct Shipping Profile, Shipping method, and Package type.



Printing Issues: Only Part of the Label is Printing, Orientation is Incorrect, or Size is Incorrect

If you are experiencing a printing issue, follow these steps:

1) In SolidShip, go to Options -> Setup Printers.

2) Ensure that you have selected the appropriate printer for each of your shipping services. See Setting Up the SolidShip Shipping Tool for printer setup instructions.

3) If you are using a laser (inkjet) printer, modify the Label Format associated with the printer. While .GIF is the format that is most frequently compatible with laser printers, some users find their printers work with the .PNG or .JPG Label Formats. Save your changes and print a test label with the new format. If this does not resolve the issue, proceed to the next step.


4) You may need to modify the orientation, margins, or size of your label:

  •   You can also try adjusting your computer's Print Properties. Go to your Start menu -> Control Panel -> Devices and Printers (or View Devices and Printers) --> Printer Properties.

NOTE: Instructions for modifying your printer setup vary by printer. Please consult your printer's manufacturer for detailed instructions.



Shipping Labels or Packing Slips Stop Printing & Other Shipping Issues

It is pretty common for people to accidentally check or uncheck options in the SolidShip user interface.

As an example, if your shipping labels suddenly stop printing, ensure that the Print Pre-Paid Label box is checked near the top of the SolidShip interface.



The Print packing slip, Override total weight, and other override boxes are also easy to check and uncheck.

If your packing slip is printing blank, make sure that you saved a packing slip template in your account. 



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