Connecting to Your FedEx Account

Connecting Solid Commerce to a FedEx account allows you to print labels for any FedEx shipping method.

You will receive your negotiated rates on all labels. You can even save multiple FedEx profiles to give you control over which account gets billed. The FedEx profiles can be selected in the Shipping Rules and SolidShip.


What we'll cover in this article:

  1. Connecting to FedEx
  2. Troubleshooting - Address Verification Failure
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Connecting to FedEx

1) In Solid Commerce, go to the Admin menu -> Manage Shipping Carriers.

2) Select FedEx from the New shipping profile drop-down. Click the Add button.



3) Enter a Profile Name.

  • If this is your primary FedEx account, make sure the Is Default box is checked.

4) Enter your FedEx Account Number.

  • If you don't know your account number, in your account, click on the My Profile button -> Account Management from the sidebar menu.

5) If you use SmartPost, select your Hub ID from the drop-down menu.

6) Click the Connect to FedEx Account button. Confirm your connection in the pop-up window. Close the window.

7) Back on the Add Profile pop-up, click the Save button.



Troubleshooting - Address Verification Failure

If you get an "Invalid Billing Address" error after clicking the Connect to FedEx Account button, FedEx's address verification process probably failed. Here's how you pass the verification:

1) Make sure your Solid Commerce Default Shipping Address matches your FedEx Shipping Address exactly.

  • In FedEx: Log into your account -> My Profile. Click on Account Management in the sidebar menu. In the table of FedEx accounts, click the View/Edit button to the right of your FedEx account. Your Shipping Address will appear.
  • In Solid Commerce: Make sure all the fields in your Solid Commerce Default Shipping Address are identical to your FedEx Shipping Address, including the names and email addresses.
    • To update your address, go to the Admin menu -> Manage Seller Account.
    • Click on the Default Ship From Address tab. Revise the address. Click the Save Shipping Information button.




2) Try connecting to your FedEx account again.

After you connect, you can safely change your Default Ship From Address if you want to use a different default.


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