Connecting to an Endicia Label Server Account to Print USPS Labels and Receive Shipping Discounts

This article will show you how to connect Solid Commerce to an Endicia Label Server account to print USPS labels. We'll also show you how to get free discounts on USPS Priority and Priority Mail Express (Express) labels—both domestic and international.


In this article:

  1. Connecting to an Endicia Label Server Account, Receiving Discounted Rates, & Opening Accounts
  2. Updating Shipping Rules
  3. Setting Up SolidShip to Print Through the Endicia Label Server
  4. Printing Labels and SCAN Forms
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Connecting to an Endicia Label Server Account, Receiving Discounted Rates, & Opening Accounts

1) Go to the Solid Commerce Admin menu -> Manage Shipping Carriers.

2) Ensure USPS is selected in the New shipping profile drop down and click the Add button. This opens the Add Profile pop-up.



3) Enter a Profile Name.

4) Check Is Default (unless you're making this a secondary account).

5) Ensure Endicia Label Server is selected in the USPS Provider drop down.



6) Click the Save button.



7) If you need to open an ELS account, click on the Register Endicia Account link and complete the registration page.

8) If you already have an ELS account, enter your Account ID and Pass Phrase. Click the Save button.

9) An Add to Balance field and Purchase button will appear for both your Endicia account and Discounted Shipping account.

  • You need to maintain separate postage balances in your Endicia and Solid Commerce Discounted Shipping accounts.
  • A Change Pass Phrase at Endicia button will also appear for both accounts.
    • If you ever need to change your Pass Phrase, Endicia will prompt you for your Solid Commerce Account Number after you click the Change Pass Phrase at Endicia button. Your account number needs to be entered in the following format: solid<companyid>, where <companyid> is replaced with your account number.
    • EXAMPLE: If your Solid Commerce Company ID is: 1942, you would enter a Solid Commerce Account Number of: solid1942.
    • If you don't know your Solid Commerce Company ID, please contact our support. We'll look it up for you.




10) After closing the Add Profile pop-up, you can access your saved profile by clicking on the Edit button (pencil icon) that appears when you hover over the profile on the Manage Shipping Carriers page.

  • Opening a saved profile allows you to purchase postage.
  • You can delete a profile by clicking on the Delete button (X icon) that appears when hovering over a saved profile.



Updating Shipping Rules

If you already created Shipping Rules, and saved a specific Shipping Profile in them, you may need to update your rules.

If you did not select a Shipping Profile when you created your Shipping Rules, they will continue to use your default profile unless you select a specific profile.

1) Go to the Admin menu -> Manage Shipping Rules.

2) Select a rule from the list of Shipping Rules.

3) On the right-hand side of the rule, in the Then use these options section, make sure the correct Shipping profile is selected.



4) Click the Save Shipping Service Changes button at the bottom of the rule.

Setting Up SolidShip to Print Through the Endicia Label Server

If you haven't installed SolidShip yet, you can download it from the Dashboard page of your account. For more information on the installation, see Installing the SolidShip Shipping Tool.

Once it's installed:

1) Open SolidShip. 

2) Go to the Options menu -> Setup Shipping Options. This opens the Shipping Options pop-up.



  • The most popular options are: USPS Tracking (to add delivery confirmation and tracking) and Endicia Stealth Postage™ Label (to remove the amount you pay for postage from your labels).
  • Click the Save button.



3) Go to the Options menu -> Setup Printers. This opens the Setup Printers popup.

  • In the top two rows (USPS ELS and Int. USPS ELS) select the printer and label format you'll use for USPS.
    • If you are using a thermal printer, and the name of your printer includes ZPL, select ZPL from the Label Format drop down menu. Otherwise, select EPL as the Label Format.
    • If you are printing labels on a desktop printer, select GIF from the Label Format drop down menu.
  • If you want to print packing slips through SolidShip, select a printer name from the Packing Slip Printer drop down.
    • Select GIF if you are printing paper packing slips. Select EPL or ZPL if you're using a thermal printer.
  • Click the Save button.


Printing Labels and SCAN Forms

We recommend test printing labels for your most popular shipping methods before printing live labels. You can use the Test Ship checkbox in the SolidShip interface.

When you print a live label, we will automatically add the shipment and tracking information to the order in Solid Commerce and mark the order Shipped. We will also save the label. You can reprint labels from our user interface for up to five days.

If you would like to print a Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice (SCAN) form after you finish shipping for the day, you can do so through

  • From the My Account tab, select Tools -> Create SCAN Form.

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