Connecting to Your UPS Account

Connecting Channels Manager to a UPS account allows you to print labels for any UPS shipping method, including SurePost and Mail Innovations.

You will receive your negotiated rates on all labels. You can even save multiple UPS profiles so you can control which account gets billed. The UPS profiles can be selected in the Shipping Rules and our Orders Manager.

Verifying Address

Before you connect to UPS we need to make sure that the ship from addresses match between and Channels Manager.

  1. Log in to and click on your profile icon then click on Accounts and Payment2023-07-13_9-10-49.jpg
  2. Next click on the default user Name, then click on View Account Details 
  3. Click on Pickup Contact and Address
  4. Copy and Paste this information into Channels Manager under: Admin >> Manage Seller Account >> Default Ship from Address

Connecting to UPS

  1. In Channels Manager, go to the Admin menu -> Shipping Carriers.
  2. Click on UPS
  3. Enter a Profile Name.
  4. Select I Have a UPS Account
  5. Enter your account number
  6. The next 3 required fields you get from on click on Profile Icon >> View & Pay Bill >> My Invoices (on the far left) >>Click on any past invoice >> Click Download Invoice >> PDF. Here you will have the Invoice number , date, amount and Control ID

  7. Copy and past those 4 items to the remaining fields
  8. Click CONTINUE, you're all done!


After you connect, you can change your Default Ship From Address if you want to use a different default with Channels Manager. UPS won't verify your address again.


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