Listing a Product to Etsy Using a Spreadsheet

This article will show you how to use a spreadsheet to quickly and efficiently list to Etsy.


Etsy listings expire after four months. We will automatically relist your items when they expire unless you select them in your Solid Commerce Market List and click the Close Listings button. Etsy's listing fees will apply to relisted items.


What we'll cover:

  1. Downloadable Excel Template & List of Etsy Category IDs
  2. Managing Quantity
  3. Offering Calculated Shipping and Populating Product Dimensions and Weights
  4. How to Find Shipping Profile IDs Inside Etsy
  5. Required Fields
  6. Optional Fields
  7. Variation Listings
  8. Uploading Your Spreadsheet
  9. Related Articles


Downloadable Excel Template & List of Etsy Category IDs

The following Excel template includes the columns required to list to Etsy through Solid Commerce. You can add Optional Fields if you like. The file also includes an example item.


To post your items in the correct category, you need to provide the ID number Etsy assigned to that category. Here is a list of IDs:


Managing Quantity


Etsy inventory updates may increase visibility of your listings according to various Etsy seller resources. We recommend updating the Listing Quantity Expression to the formula IIF(lq>x,y,lq). It will hide your true inventory from Etsy. To update it in bulk, use the etsy:qty exp field in Excel. The other minimum required columns are: results, product custom sku, warehouse id, list name. To learn how to populate the x and y values in the formula, see Using the Listing Quantity Expression to Control the Quantities on Your Listings.


When you list an item with a quantity of greater than one, your listing will auto renew when someone places an order on Etsy. The renewal will result in a relisting fee. For more information, see and


Offering Calculated Shipping and Populating Product Dimensions and Weights

Etsy hasn't added support for calculated shipping to their API yet. That means you cannot use a calculated shipping profile when you list items from Solid Commerce.

If you want to offer calculated shipping, you can easily add it after your items list:

1) Use a standard shipping profile when you list your items through Solid Commerce. Include product dimensions and a weight.

2) Upload your spreadsheet.

3) Wait for the item to list on Etsy.

4) From Etsy's Listings page, click the Quick edit button. Select a calculated shipping profile from the drop-down under Shipping Profile and add it to each listing.


How to Find Shipping Profile IDs Inside Etsy

The shipping template ID is found in the URL of the shipping profile.

1) Log into Etsy

2) Go the Shop Manager menu -> Settings -> Shipping settings

3) Find your Fixed prices shipping profile. Click on the number in the Active listings column.



If your shipping profile is not assigned to any active listings, you need to assign the profile to an existing listing first.


Required Fields

Column Header Field Description and Valid Values


Leave this field blank. It will automatically populate if you upload the file using the Solid Commerce Excel Add-In Tool.

product custom sku

Etsy doesn't have a SKU field. We will automatically add the SKU to the bottom of your Etsy description. This allows us to maintain control over the listing.

EXAMPLE: [SKU:Funky-Socks-01]

warehouse id

The Warehouse ID of your product.


The title of your Etsy listing.

* The maximum length for a title is 140 characters.
* The following characters may only be used once in a title: % : &

* The following characters may not be used: $ ^ `

etsy description

The description of your product. Avoid using HTML.

etsy:price exp

The price of your item.

One option is to enter a number with up to two decimal places. The other option is to enter the word cost, or simple formulas with the word cost, such as cost*1.5 or cost+5. More complex formulas like cost*1.2+5 or ((cost*1.2)+5) work as well. Don't enter currency symbols in this field.

etsy:qty exp

This field controls the quantity we submit to Etsy.

In order to minimize the update fees that Etsy charges, we recommend using the formula: IIF(lq>x,y,lq). For more info, see Using the Listing Quantity Expression to Control the Quantities on Your Listings.


The ID number Etsy assigned to your shipping profile. When you edit a shipping profile, the ID number appears in the URL, as described in the How to Find Shipping Profile IDs Inside Etsy section of this article.

As mentioned earlier, Etsy doesn't support calculated shipping through their API.


The ID number Etsy assigned the category you want to list in. For a full list, download Etsy Category IDs.xlsx.


Enter the value Yes to use the Category ID.

etsy attr:who_made

Use this field to specify whether or not an item is handmade. Remember, Etsy doesn’t allow newer items unless they are supplies.

Valid Values:
i_did, collective, someone_else

You can only enter someone_else for vintage items or supplies. That means you must also enter a date that is at least 20 years old in the etsy attr:when_made field.

etsy attr:when_made

The date range or decade the item was made. Anything over 20 years old is considered vintage.

Valid Values:
made_to_order, 2020_2023, 2010_2019, 2001_2009, before_2001, 2000_2000, 1990s, 1980s, 1970s, 1960s, 1950s, 1940s, 1930s, 1920s, 1910s, 1900s, 1800s, 1700s, before_1700


The minimum number of days before you ship the order.


The maximum number of days before you ship the order.


Specifies whether or not your item is an arts and crafts supply.

Valid Values:

market auto rule

The name of the Etsy Listing Rule you want to use on your listing.

For more info, see Creating an Etsy Pricing Rule.

list name

The name of your Etsy Market List in Solid Commerce.

po sources

The name of the Warehouse(s) Solid Commerce should use as the inventory source for your listings.


Enter Yes to turn the automation on. If the automation is turned on, new items will list automatically.

Enter No to turn the automation off. If you turn the automation off on an existing item, we will not communicate with Etsy about it anymore, not even if there is a price or quantity update.


Optional Fields


We don't support listing into Shop Sections at this time. We plan to build support in the future. We also import the Shop Sections assigned to any live listings that import automatically.


If you want to use any of these optional fields, simply add columns to your spreadsheet.

  • Column headers that begin with etsy: are Etsy Marketplace Level details. Add them to the Etsy tab.
  • Column headers that begin with etsy attr: are Product Level attributes. Add them to the Products & Inventory tab.
Column Header Field Description and Valid Values


Specifies whether or not taxes should be charged to the buyer when the item is sold.

Valid Values:

etsy attr:materials

Add a short description of the materials used. Enter up to 13, separated by double colons. "::"

EXAMPLE: wood:: varnish:: oak

etsy attr:tags

Enter tags to describe what the item looks like and what it does. Separate each tag double colons. "::"

MAX amount of characters is 20

EXAMPLE: red:: rococo:: frame

etsy attr:occasion

Pick an occasion from the list valid values.

Valid Values:
anniversary, baptism, bar_or_bat_mitzvah, birthday, canada_day, chinese_new_year, cinco_de_mayo, confirmation, christmas, day_of_the_dead, easter, eid, engagement, fathers_day, get_well, graduation, halloween, hanukkah, housewarming, kwanzaa, prom, july_4th, mothers_day, new_baby, new_years, quinceanera, retirement, st_patricks_day, sweet_16, sympathy, thanksgiving, valentines, wedding

etsy attr:style

You can enter up to two styles Separate each tag double colons. "::". Etsy currently doesn't use this attribute but may relaunch it in the future.

Valid Values:
Abstract, African, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Asian, Athletic, Avant Garde, Beach, Boho, Burlesque, Cottage Chic, Country Western, Edwardian, Fantasy, Folk, Goth, High Fashion, Hip Hop, Hippie, Hipster, Historical, Hollywood Regency, Industrial, Kawaii, Kitsch, Mediterranean, Mid Century, Military, Minimalist, Mod, Modern, Nautical, Neoclassical, Preppy, Primitive, Regency, Renaissance, Resort, Retro, Rocker, Rustic, Sci Fi, Southwestern, Spooky, Steampunk, Techie, Traditional, Tribal, Victorian, Waldorf, Woodland, Zen

Example: Abstract::Art Deco

etsy attr:is_customizable

If your shop accepts customizable orders, you can specify whether or not you want to allow custom requests on individual items.

Valid Values:

etsy attr:recipient

The target audience of your item.

Valid Values:
men, women, unisex_adults, teen_boys, teen_girls, teens, boys, girls, children, baby_boys, baby_girls, babies, birds, cats, dogs, pets, not_specified

etsy attr:isprivate

Specifies whether or not your item is reserved for a buyer.

Valid Values:

etsy attr:is_digital

Specifies whether or not your item is a digital download.

Valid Values:


The language your listing is in.


If your items aren't sold in USD, enter your currency here.


Variation Listings

Variations cannot be listed through Solid Commerce. You can list them directly on Etsy and then automatically import them into Solid Commerce. For more details, see Variation Listings on Etsy.



Uploading Your Spreadsheet

The etsy description and all 9 etsy attr: column headers are Product Level fields. We included them with the rest of the product information on the Products & Inventory tab of our template. If you include the Etsy Description and/or Etsy Attribute columns on your Etsy specific worksheet, you need to check the Update Product during upload.

To use our Excel Add-In Tool to upload the Etsy tab of the attached template, click the Upload Data button, and check only the Update Marketplace box.


To upload the Etsy tab through our web uploader instead, go to the Products menu -> Import Products and Inventory. Check the Import Marketplace box, and select Etsy from the Select marketplace drop-down.



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