Creating an Etsy Pricing Rule

To import live listings from Etsy, or launch new listings, you need to create an Etsy Pricing Rule.

An Etsy Pricing Rule specifies how we should set the price on your listings. Our unique price management capabilities allow you to use simple formulas to manage prices.


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Creating an Etsy Pricing Rule

1) Go to the Marketplaces menu -> Other Pricing Rules - > Etsy Pricing Rules.

2) Click the Add Rule button.

3) Enter a Rule name.



4) Choose a Pricing Rule Option.

  • Do not update Etsy prices means you'll set your prices directly on Etsy.
  • Set prices as in 'Etsy' Sale Price Exp is the most popular setting.
    • We send the price entered in the Price Expression field. You can populate this field through Excel using the etsy:sell price exp column.
    • You can enter a number with up to two decimal points or a simple formula using the word cost.
      • EXAMPLES: Enter 29.99 (for a fixed price), cost+5 (to add $5.00 to the cost saved in Solid Commerce) or cost*1.5+7 (to multiply the cost by 1.5, then add $7 to the price).
      • Don't enter any currency symbols in this field.

5) Click Save Automation Rules.



If you revise a rule that is already applied to listings, your listings will update automatically. You don't need to use the Update Listings button or take further action.

NOTE: Etsy charges a fee for all listing updates, including price changes (just like they do if you make changes through their user interface).


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