Setting up Solid Commerce to List Variations on eBay (Creating Variation Groups)

A variation is a listing for a single product that offers multiple buying options in a drop-down menu. For example, a size variation listing for a t-shirt that comes in small, medium, large, and x-large. Variations are also referred to as parent and child listings.

This article will show you how to create eBay Variation Groups in your Solid Commerce account in order to make listing variations easy.


What we'll cover in this article:

  1. Creating Variation Groups
  2. Listing Variations
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Creating Variation Groups

eBay Variation Groups specify which attribute appears in the drop-down menu on eBay. They make listing variations easy because you can apply the groups in bulk instead of having to specify a variation attribute for each listing.

Here's how you create a group:

1) Go to the Marketplaces menu -> eBay Variations.

2) Click the Add Variation Group button.

3) Enter a name for your group in the Variation Group Name field.

4) Enter an eBay Category ID number in the Group Category ID field.

The category ID allows us to import item specifics from eBay.

You can use your eBay Variation Group to list to multiple categories. The category number you enter here doesn't matter when listing.

5) Select a country from the eBay Site drop-down menu.



6) Click the Save Variation Group button.

7) Click the Get Category Attributes button.

8) If each item in the variation has a different image, like with a color variation, select an item specific from the Change Image Based On Variation drop-down.



9) Select an item specific from the eBay Attribute Name drop-down or type in your own name.

The eBay Attribute Name is the name that will appear next to the drop-down menu.


If you want your drop-down to meet eBay's item specific requirements, the eBay Attribute Name needs to match the name of eBay's item specific exactly.


EXAMPLE: If eBay's item specific is Size (Women's), use Size (Women's) in the eBay Attribute Name field. Entering something like Women's Size won't meet eBay's requirements.

10) Select a Solid Commerce custom Product Attribute from the SC Attribute Name drop-down.

The value you save in Solid Commerce for each child item is what will appear in the drop-down on eBay.

EXAMPLE: You want to create a color variation listing for a product that comes in blue and red. In the Solid Commerce "Color" field, you would enter "Blue" for one item and "Red" for the other item.

To create custom fields, see Creating and Using Custom Product Attributes.



11) Click the Add Variation button.

12) If you want additional variation drop-down menus to your listing, repeat Steps 6 - 8.

13) Click the Save Variation Group button.


Listing Variations

You're ready to create create some variation listings. Listing Variations on eBay will show you how.


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