Creating a New Order Through Our Legacy Orders Manager


We have a new process for manually entering a phone order, email order, or test order. It offers a better flow and improved user interface. To learn more about it, please see Creating a New Order Through the User Interface.


This article reviews the process of manually creating an order through our original user interface.


What we'll cover:

  1. Entering a New Order
  2. Adding an Item to the Order
  3. Editing Other Order Details
  4. Canceling an Item
  5. Adding Payment Information
  6. Managing the Status of Your New Order
  7. Updating Your Payment Record for a Refund
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Entering a New Order

To create an order through our original user interface:

1) Go to the ORDERS menu -> Manage Orders.

2) On the manage orders page, click on the Enter New Order button.



3) Enter in the shipping information of your customer.

  • Include the Ship To Name, St Address, City, State/Province, Zip, and Country.

4) Click the Next >> button.



Adding an Item to the Order

When adding an item, we recommend using the Advanced Add Products feature. It provides additional options, such as the ability to search multiple Warehouses or Product Name.

1) Click the Add Item to Order link.



2) Click the Advanced Add Products link.



In the "Add Order Item" window that launches:

1) Enter the SKU or key words that you want to search for and select the field that you want to search from the field type drop-down.



2) If you want to search all of your Warehouses and Vendor Inventory Lists for your item, leave the Warehouse or Vendor drop-down menu set to "Select Warehouse/Vendor".

  • If you only want to search one Warehouse or Vendor, select it from the drop-down.



3) Click on the Search button.



4) Enter the price you are selling the item for in the Sale Price field.

5) Click on the Add Item button.



6) If this is a multiple item order, you can search for your next product and add it to the order.

7) When you have finished adding items, close the "Add products" pop-up window.

  • The "View / Enter Order" page will still be open. It includes all of your order details. The products that you added to your order have automatically been added to this page as well.


Editing Other Order Details

On the "View / Enter Order" page, you can edit any other order details that you would like to update. The most common details to revise are the "Ship Method" and/or "Shipping Fee."

After you make your updates, click the SAVE ORDER button.


Canceling an Item

You can cancel an item from your order any time before the order is updated to Shipped status.

1) To cancel an item, check the box next to the status.



2) Click the Cancel Item link.



3) In the pop-up window, select whether or not you want the quantity of the canceled item to be added back to the total inventory available in your Warehouse. Click the Apply button.



Adding Payment Information


Our platform isn't designed to manage financial transactions. We don't connect to any third party payment processors (like Authorize.Net or Stripe). You will want to process your buyer's payment outside of Solid Commerce.

Any payment information you add to your order is for reference only.


To add a payment record to your order:

1) Click on the Add Payment link.



2) In the pop-up window, select the payment type from the drop-down.

  • Credit Card is the most popular option.



3) The "Amount" displayed is the sum of the product prices. It doesn't include shipping fees or discounts.

  • If you want the payment to equal the order total, enter the order total in the "Amount" field.

4) Click the Submit button.

5) Click the SAVE ORDER button.


Managing the Status of Your New Order

If you didn't edit the "Amount" of the payment when you added your payment record, the order automatically updated to Paid status in Solid Commerce when you submitted the payment.

If you changed the "Amount" of the payment, or didn't add a payment, the order will remain in Waiting for Buyer status. To change the order to Paid status:

1) In the "ORDER STATUS" drop-down menu on the order manager page, select Waiting for Buyer.

2) Click the SEARCH button.

3) Select the order that you manually created from the search results grid by checking the box to the left of the order.

3) In the "Change Status" drop-down menu, select Paid - Apply Payments.

4) Click the APPLY STATUS CHANGE button.


Updating Your Payment Record for a Refund

If you issued a refund, you can update the payment status of the order by clicking the Refund button.



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