Discounted USPS Shipping FAQs

How much additional does this cost?

It’s free!


How discounted are CPP USPS rates?

CPP (Commercial Plus) rates are the best discounts USPS provides.  You can see these rates at


How do these rates compare against companies like Express1?

CPP rates are the lowest published rates the US Post Office offers. Ours just come without the monthly subscription fee.


What classes of service are covered?

For domestic, Priority and Priority Mail Express (Express). For international, First Class, Priority, and Priority Mail Express (Express).


Is there a weight limit?

Not at all.


What are the requirements?

You must use Endicia Label Server (not DAZzle).


I use DAZzle, how do I sign up?

Please see Opening Endicia and Discounted Shipping Accounts to Print USPS Labels to learn how to convert your DAZzle account to ELS, or contact support for help.


Why do I have 2 Endicia accounts?

You will maintain separate postage balances in your Solid Commerce Discounted Shipping and Endicia Label Server accounts. You can add to both balances by opening your USPS Endicia Label Server Shipping Profile from the Manage Shipping Carriers page.


How do I sign up, I am on ELS/Endicia Label Server?

If you already have an Endicia Label Server Shipping Profile, click the Register Discounted Expedited Account link in your profile, then fill out the simple registration form.


How do I sign up, I am on

We're sorry, at this time, this service is not available with accounts.


What changes for me when I move onto ELS?

  • ELS means you no longer need 3rd party software, SolidShip connects directly to ELS.
  • The easy setup process with ELS makes shipping on multiple computers a breeze.
  • You can buy postage and change settings directly in Solid Commerce.
  • Labels print faster.
  • Dimensions are never an issue.
  • You can reprint labels directly through the Solid Commerce Manage Orders page.


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