Creating a Sears Pricing Rule

This article will show you how to set up a pricing rule to control the prices on your Sears listings.


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Creating a Sears Pricing Rule 

1) In Solid Commerce, go to the Marketplaces menu -> Sears Pricing Rules.

2) Click the Add Rule button.

3) Enter a Rule name.



4) Choose a Pricing Rule Option.

Do not update Sears prices Use this option if you want to set your prices directly on Sears. Solid Commerce will not send price updates.
Set prices as in 'Sears' Sale Price Exp

Solid Commerce will send the price you save in the Sale Price Exp field of the Inventory Manager (the sears Standard Price field in Excel).

NOTE: You can only save numbers in this field. You cannot use simple formulas with the word cost like you can with most of the other marketplaces.

Set prices as my Amazon price Sends your Amazon price to Sears. To get a better understanding of how this powerful option works, see Automatically Matching Prices to Amazon, eBay.


5) Click the Save Automation Rules button.



You can create multiple rules, giving you the ability to apply a fixed price rule to some products, and an Amazon price matching rule to others. You can change rules at any time.

If you revise a rule that is already applied to listings, saving the changes will cause your listings to update automatically. You don't need to use the Update Listings button or take further action.


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