Connecting to the Sears Marketplace

This article will show you how to connect Solid Commerce to your Sears Marketplace account.

In order to communicate with Sears, you need to save your Sears Warehouse Number in your Solid Commerce Warehouse settings. Complete instructions are provided in the Adding Your Sears Warehouse Number (Location ID) to Your Solid Commerce Warehouse section below.


What we'll cover:

  1. Setting Up Solid Commerce for the Connection
  2. Connecting to Sears
  3. Adding Your Sears Warehouse Number (Location ID) to Your Solid Commerce Warehouse
  4. Importing Active Listings From Sears
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Setting Up Solid Commerce for the Connection

Before you connect to the Sears Marketplace, you should have a Warehouse or Vendor Inventory List, Sears Market List, and a Sears Pricing Rule.

To learn how to create them, see the Related Articles section.


Connecting to Sears

1) Go to the Marketplaces menu -> Marketplace Setup.

2) Click on the Sears tab.

3) Enter the Email address and Password that you use to log in to your Sears seller account.

4) In a new tab or window, log in to your Sears seller account.

5) Click on the Account Name in the upper right-hard corner of the Sears admin panel to access your Account Settings.

6) Copy your Seller ID number. Back in Solid Commerce, paste it in the Seller Id field.

7) Access your Sears Account Settings again and select Account Info.

8) At the bottom of the Account Info page, click the Generate New Key button in the API Authorization Key section.

  • NOTE: If you have connected any other software to your Sears account, you will need to reconnect that software to Sears using the new API key.

9) Copy the API key. Back in Solid Commerce, paste it in the Secret Key field.

10) Click the Save Sears Setup button to finalize the connection.

  • After you save your setup, the Password field will clear itself. Even though you don't see your Password, it is still saved in our database.
  • If you ever need to reconnect, enter your Password again before clicking the Save Sears Setup button.




Adding Your Sears Warehouse Number (Location ID) to Your Solid Commerce Warehouse

Saving your Sears Warehouse Number to your Solid Commerce Warehouses allows us to list products and update quantities and prices.

1) Locate your Sears Warehouse Number (also known as the Location ID):

  • In your Sears account -> Click on your User Name at the upper right-hand side of the page -> Fulfillment Locations.
  • The Sears Warehouse Number is between the parenthesis after the words Seller Warehouse in the middle of the page.

2) In Solid Commerce, go to the Products menu -> Inventory Manager.

3) Select one of your Warehouses or Vendor Inventory Lists, and click the Edit button.



4) In the Sears Location ID field, enter your Sears Warehouse Number.

5) Click the Update Changes button.



Repeat steps 3-5 for every Warehouse and Vendor Inventory List that you want to use as a PO Source for Sears listings. You will save the same Sears Warehouse Number in each Warehouse.


Importing Active Listings From Sears

Now that you are connected, you're ready to think about importing your active listings. To help you coordinate the import, we recommend consulting with your Implementation Manager.

After that, you're ready for Importing Listings From the Sears Marketplace Using the Solid Commerce Excel Tool.



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