Updating Listings on the Sears Marketplace

This article describes how you update your live listings on Sears through Solid Commerce.


What we'll cover:

  1. Quantity and Price Updates are Automatic
  2. Updating Information on Your Sears Listing
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Quantity and Price Updates Are Automatic

Just like with the other marketplaces and webstores, we automatically submit quantity and price changes to Sears.


The Sears Quantity Expression field also works the same as on other marketplaces.

For more information on controlling the quantity on your listings, please see Using the Listing Quantity Expression to Control the Quantities on Your Listings.


Unlike most of our other integrations, the pricing functionality for Sears doesn't use the Sell Price Expression field. That means you cannot use simple formulas with the words cost or msrp like you can with other marketplaces.

You have two options for setting your Sears prices:

  1. Enter a number in the sears Standard Price field. Don't include a currency symbol.
  2. Submit your Amazon prices to Sears by selecting the Set prices as my Amazon price radio option in your Sears Pricing Rule.

Updating Information on Your Sears Listing

All updates other than price and quantity need to be manually initiated.

In order to update a listing, we need to submit all of the listing details to Sears in an Item Class or Generic Template, even if you're only revising one field

The easiest way to update live listings is to open a template already populated with your current listing information. There are three ways to access your current listing details:

  1. Open a saved version of the file you used to originally create the listings.
    • This is especially helpful is you used a Sears Item Class Template.
  2. If you created your listings with the Generic Template, you also have the option of using the Retrieve Data button in our Excel Add-In Tool to retrieve your listing details.
  3. If you used an Item Class Template, and didn't save your original file, export your listings directly from Sears.

Steps for updating live listings:

1) Open a file already populated with your current listing details.

2) Revise your data.

3) Upload your file to Solid Commerce with a Marketplaces update.

4) Inside Solid Commerce, select the revised items in your Sears Market List. Click the Update Listings button.


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