Connecting to a 3dcart Webstore

These instructions will show you how to establish an API connection with your 3dcart webstore.


What we'll cover in this article:

  1. Before You Connect to 3dcart
  2. Preparing 3dcart for the Connection
  3. Connecting Solid Commerce to 3dcart
  4. IMPORTANT!: Managing Bandwidth
  5. Related Articles

Before You Connect to 3dcart

Before you connect to your 3dcart store you need a Warehouse (or Vendor Inventory List), a My Store Market List, and a My Store Pricing Rule.

Please see the Related Articles section if you need assistance creating a Warehouse, Market List, or rule.

We also recommend having a discussion with your Solid Commerce Implementation Manager about importing listings and orders.

Preparing 3dcart for the Connection

Initial Step

1) Contact 3dCart and request that they enable the "SOAP" API module and "Advanced API" connection for your account.

  • 3dcart has two different sets of APIs. We connect through the "SOAP" API, not the "REST" API.

In our experience, 3dcart is able to make both of these changes relatively quickly. Once 3dcart confirms the changes on their end, you are ready to continue with the setup steps below.


Setup in 3dCart

1) Log into your admin portal -> Go to Settings in the navigation panel on the left -> General -> Store Settings.

2) Scroll down to the Advanced Settings section.  Click the Change Settings button.

  • In the API Settings section, check the Enable API box and check the Enable Advanced API box.

3) Copy the API User Key.

Connecting Solid Commerce to 3dcart

1) Go to the Marketplaces tab -> Sales Channel Connections - > Click Connect More

  • Click on the 3DCart US 

2) Enter the 3DCart US Profile Name from then click  Continue.

  • Click the I Agree to the Terms and Condition button. Then click the Add Channel button.


3) To connect your 3dcart store you will need your Access URL and API Key.

Finding your Access URL

  • This is simply your store's URL (excluding "http://")
    Example: [store-name]
    Example: www.[store-name].com

Note: replace [store-name] with your store's name from your URL

Finding your API Key

  • Contact 3dCart at and request that they enable the "SOAP" API module and "Advanced API" connection for your account.
  • Once you have your key, log in to your 3dcart Admin panel and browse to "Modules". Browse to "SOAP API" and enter the key that 3dcart provided you with.
  • Enter your store’s URL in the Base URL field.
    • <store-name> (replace <store-name> with your store's name from your URL).
    • www.<store-name>.com (replace <store-name> with your store's name from your URL).
    • Simply paste the URL into a new window in your web browser.
    • If the homepage of your webstore loads, you've got the correct URL.
    • Exclude the http://.
    • Your store URL should be in one of these two formats:
    • How do you know which format?
  • Paste the API key in the API Key field.
  • In the Version drop-down, select Basic or Enterprise.
    • The connection between Solid Commerce and 3dcart will only work properly if you select the correct version of 3dcart.
    • If you don't know what type of 3dcart account you have, check with 3dcart.


4) Use the calendar and clock icons to enter Start Sync Orders From DT. Use Pacific Time.



5) Auto Import Setup:

NOTE: Just like setting the order sync date, you want to make sure you're ready to import your listings before enabling the automatic import.

If you're ready to import, let's do it! If not, click the Save 3rd Party Store button, and you're done for now.

  • Check the Automatically insert new products from your 3DStore account check box.
    • NOTE: The Automatic import feature uses your 3dcart bandwidth. Please read the Managing Bandwidth section of this article to make sure you don't end up with unpleasant bandwidth charges on your 3dcart invoice.
  • Select the correct:
    • Warehouse name
    • Market list name
    • Import pricing rule
  • If you are new to Solid Commerce, we recommend importing your listings with the Default automation status set to Start NOT Automated.
    • To automate your products, go to your 3dcart Market List in the Inventory Manager, select all of your imported listings, and click the Start Automation button.
    • With the automation off, Solid Commerce will not communicate with 3dcart. We will import orders, and track quantities, but we will not send quantity or price updates to 3dcart.
    • Once you are certain your quantities are correct in Solid Commerce, and you have a feel for how you will manage your inventory, prices, and listings, you are ready to turn the automation on.
    • If you ever need to import more listings, come back to this Marketplaces Setup page, and change the Default automation status to Start Automated.

Get Unpaid Orders option:

  • By default, Solid Commerce will not import orders until after payment has been verified.
  • If you want us to bring in orders before payment has been confirmed, check the Get Unpaid Orders box.



  • Click the Save 3rd Party Store button.


Once you turn the automation on, you need to make all quantity and price adjustments through Solid Commerce, not directly in your 3dcart account.

5) Click the Save 3rd Party Store button to complete the connection.

IMPORTANT!: Managing Bandwidth

Automatically importing listings into your Solid Commerce account uses your 3dcart bandwidth. In order to import new listings, we need to constantly scan your 3dcart store for new products.

To avoid excessive bandwidth usage, and possible overage charges, keep the auto import feature off. If you list new items directly through 3dcart, you can turn the auto import on after the listings are live. Once all the new listings have imported, turn the auto import function back off until you list another batch of products.

  • To turn the automatic import feature on or off, navigate back to the Marketplaces Setup page in Solid Commerce. Check or uncheck the Automatically insert new products from your 3DStore account box on the My Store tab. Click the Save 3rd Party Store button.

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