Premium Feature: Advanced Pricing Formula

The Advanced Pricing Formula allows you to create more advanced expressions for your selling price!

You can use: Cost attributes, Cost attributes plus shipping fee, Product attributes, Amazon price etc!


How to Access:

NOTE: This is a Premium Feature.  Please reach out to your Growth Advisor or our Support team if you would like us to enable this feature for a 14 day trial.

The Advanced Pricing Formula feature is located under Inventory>Inventory Manager (New)> Listings

Creating and Applying a Formula

  • Go to: Inventory>Inventory Manager (New)> Listings.
  • You can either apply the Advanced Pricing Formula one by one, or, in bulk.  

  • Make sure the "Price Exp" column is populated on your view. If not, click on the Gear Icon on the far left of the screen. 

Applying One by One

  • On the Inventory>Inventory Manager (New)> Listings page, select the listing that you want to apply the Advanced Pricing formula to. 
  • Select the "Price Exp" hyperlink on the line, or, click "Price Formula Bulk Change". Either option will take you to the popup where you can apply your formula

  • In the popup, select Advanced Formula

  • Start populating your formula. This is free form with partial validation.  You can choose a Cost Attribute or a Product Attribute from the sandwich drop down on the right-hand side of the popup:

  • Once you have finished building your formula, click "Apply" on the bottom right of the popup
  • After you click "Apply", you will be taken back to the Listings tab where you can view and validate your formula. 

  • If you click into the Advanced Formula hyperlink, and you have the proper attributes and or cost fields populated on the sku, you will be able to see the formula with 

Apply an Advanced Pricing Formula in bulk through Excel:

You can apply the Advanced Pricing Formula to multiple items via our Excel Plugin Tool.

  1. In your Excel spreadsheet, use the header "market item formula"
  2. Populate your Advanced Pricing Formula as the value
  3. In Excel click "Upload Data"
  4. Select "Upload to Marketplace" and click confirm.



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