Connecting to a Yahoo Webstore


This article will show you how to connect your Yahoo store account to Solid Commerce.


What we'll cover in this article:

  1. Before You Connect
  2. Connecting to Yahoo
  3. Enabling Inventory Management on Yahoo
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Before You Connect

Before you connect to an your Yahoo webstore, you need to create a Warehouse (or Vendor Inventory List), create a Market List, and create a My Store pricing rule.

We also recommend having a discussion with your Solid Commerce Implementation Manager about importing listings and orders before turning on the auto-import features.

Connecting to Yahoo

1) Log in to your Yahoo Store, and go to the store control panel.

  • Locate your Yahoo Store ID.
    • It's in the URL. It includes the yhst and a string of numbers. It doesn't include the period or forward slash.


  • You can also find the Store ID from the Store Control Panel -> Store Account Info (under the Site Settings group).

2) Now that you have the Store ID, in the Store Control Panel, click Real-Time Links(under the Order Settings group).

3) Click API Settings.

4) Click the Add New Partner button.

  • In the Add Partner popup, enter our partner number: ypa-002644143290. Click the Next button.
  • Enable Order, Payment, Checkout, and Catalog permissions. Accept the terms.
  • When you finish, Yahoo will email your API Key to one of our technicians.
    • Please contact us to let us know you just setup your Yahoo account. We will add the API Key to your Solid Commerce account for you.

5) In Solid Commerce -> Go to the Marketplaces menu -> Marketplaces Setup.

  • Click on the My Store tab.
  • Select Yahoo from the drop-down menu. Click the Configure 3rd Party Store button.


6) Enter the following:

  • API URL: https://<Yahoo-Store-ID>  — substitute your actual Yahoo Store ID (from Step 1) for <Yahoo-Store-ID>.
  • API Key: one of our technicians will enter this after you inform us that you've completed Steps 1 - 4
  • Store ID: your Yahoo Store ID
  • Password for your Yahoo account
  • Security Key for your Yahoo account
  • Set the Start Sync Orders from DT to the current date and time in Pacific Time.
  • Leave the Automatically insert new products from your Yahoo account box unchecked until you've consulted with your Implementation Manager.
  • Click the Save 3rd Party Store button.


Enabling Inventory Management on Yahoo

Before you follow these steps, your Yahoo listings need to exist in your Solid Commerce My Store Market List. You also need your Solid Commerce inventory to be accurate.

The easiest way to get your listings into Solid Commerce is to automatically import them.

Once your Yahoo listings are in your Solid Commerce account:

1) Go to the Admin menu -> Web API Configuration tab.


2) In a separate browser tab:

  • Login to your Yahoo account. Go to the Store Control Panel.
  • Click Configure Inventory (under the Order Settings group).

3) In Call Script:

  • URL to use:<Web-Services-Key>&securityKey=NADSF80ERjkjsdfhaksjdf45
    • Before pasting, replace <Web-Services-Key> with your Solid Commerce Web Services Key.
    • You can use this website to encode your key if it contains special characters:
  • Click either of the Update buttons.

4) Go to the Store Control Panel. Click Publish Order Settings(under the Order Settings group).

  • On the Publish Order Settings screen, click the Publish button.

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