Installing the Solid Commerce - Magento Extension From the Magento Marketplace


Now you can access the Solid Commerce user interface directly from your Magento Account!  This article will show you how.

NOTE: The Magento Extension is for Solid Commerce system users who have an active integration with Magento.  If you have not activated Solid Commerce to work with Magento, please contact your Account Manager. They can help you integrate your Magento store.

System requirements

Magento Community version 1.7.

Before You Get Started

You need to connect Solid Commerce to your Magento store before you use the Magento Extension. This article details the process, Connecting to a Magento Webstore.


There are several ways to connect your Magento account to Solid Commerce, but we recommend using the Connect Manager found in the Magento Extension Marketplace.

  1. Click on the link to the following site:
  2. Click on the "Install Now" button.
    • NOTE:  Make sure you are logged in to your Magento Account.

  3. Copy the Extension Key.
    • Paste the Extension Key in step 2 of the "Paste extension key to install" field in the Magento Connect Manager
  4. Click the orange "Install" button.


Now you are ready to enjoy the fun and benefits of using the Solid Commerce Magento Extension. 

Benefits of Using the Magento Extension for Solid Commerce

With the Magento Extension you can use your Solid Commerce account to run your business right through your Magento Admin panel!

Manage Inventory


Work with your orders


The extension's "dashboard inside a dashboard" gives you full access to all the functionality of Solid Commerce AND Magento.


Your Solid Commerce Tab Isn't Showing Up? No Problem.

If the Solid Commerce tab does not appear on the menu of your Magento Admin Panel, you may need to enable this function.  Here's how:

In the Magento Admin Panel -> System ->> click on the "Configuration" button -> confirm that the Solid Commerce Tab is enabled.


You may also need to delete cached files from your download folder.  To delete these files:

  1. In your computer's file manager -> locate the Magento Folder -> "var" folder -> "cache" folder.
  2. Delete all the files from this folder.
  3. Refresh your browser.

The Solid Commerce Tab should now be visible.


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