Creating New Listings on Bigcommerce Using a Spreadsheet

This article will show you how to use a spreadsheet to create new listings in your Bigcommerce webstore.

Before you list products, you need to connect to Bigcommerce, create a Market List, and create a My Store Pricing Rule. See the Related Articles section for more information on these topics.


What we'll cover:

  1. Adding Products to Inventory Before You List to Bigcommerce
  2. Key Fields for Listing Products
  3. Creating Variation Listings
  4. Uploading Your Spreadsheet
  5. Downloadable Excel Example of a Bigcommerce Product Listing
  6. Related Articles

Adding Products to Inventory Before You List to Bigcommerce

This article assumes you already created your products in Solid Commerce and added them to inventory.

  • To learn how to create new products and add them to a Warehouse, see the Related Articles section.

Key Fields for Listing Products

Required Fields
Field Descriptions and Valid Values
results Leave this field blank. When you upload a file using the Solid Commerce Excel Add-In Tool, results will appear as the file processes.
product custom sku The SKUs of your products.
warehouse id The Warehouse IDs of your products.
manufacturer The product's Manufacturer, used as Brand in Big Commerce
product attribute:bigc category

Enter the ID numbers Bigcommerce assigns to your categories.

NOTE: You can enter the names of the categories instead of the ID numbers. However, if you have multiple subcategories with the same name, we will not know which subcategory you want to list to.

EXAMPLE: You have two parent categories named Electric and Acoustic. Both categories have a subcategory named Guitars. If you populate the product attribute:bigc category with Guitars, it is not clear which subcategory you want to list to. Please use category IDs instead of category names if you are in this situation.

To list in multiple categories, separate each category ID or name by a comma.

To learn where to find your category names and numbers in Bigcommerce, see the article Finding Bigcommerce Category Names and ID Numbers.

product attribute:bigc type

Indicates the type of product you are listing.

Valid Values:
physical (a physical product) or digital (a digital download)

product attribute:bigc availability

Controls whether your product is available for purchase and shipping, is not available for purchase, or is only available for preorder.

Valid Values:
available, disabled, preorder

product attribute:bigc inventory_tracking

The type of inventory tracking for the product.
Allowed Values:

product : for single items
variant : for variations

product attribute:bigc is_visible

Controls whether or not your product is displayed in your store.

Valid Values:
true, false

mystore sell price exp

Controls the price of your item on your Bigcommerce listing.

Enter a number without a currency symbol, or enter simple formulas with the word cost, such as cost*1.5 or cost+7. More complex formulas like cost*1.2+5 or ((cost*1.2)+5) work as well.

market auto rule

Determines how we should set prices on new listings, or update prices on existing listings.

Enter the name of the rule you want to use.

mystore qty exp

Enter lq in this field if you want to make your entire inventory available on Bigcommerce. You can also enter formulas, see Using the Listing Quantity Expression to Control the Quantities on Your Listings for details.

list name The name of your My Store Market List in Solid Commerce.
po sources

The name of the Warehouse(s) Solid Commerce should use as the inventory source for your listings.

run mystore

Enter Yes to turn the automation on. We will automatically push your data to Bigcommerce to list your product. If you enter No, your product will not list until you turn the automation on.


Key Optional Fields
Field Descriptions and Valid Values
product name
Pasting your Product Names into the Bigcommerce tab of your spreadsheet can make it easier to see which products you are working on.
mystore title

If you want the title on your Bigcommerce listing to be different than the Product Name in Solid Commerce, enter a unique title in this field.

Leave mystore title blank if you would like to use the product name as the listing title.

Additional optional fields can be found in Optional Bigcommerce Fields Supported by Solid Commerce.

Creating Variation Listings

To learn how to create variation listings in your Bigcommerce webstore through Solid Commerce, please see Creating Variation Listings on Bigcommerce Using a Spreadsheet.

Uploading Your Spreadsheet

We recommend including the Bigcommerce Product Attributes with your other Product level fields. That way you can populate them when you create your products. The attached template is set up this way.

To upload the Bigcommerce tab of the file using our Excel Add-In Tool, click the Upload Data button. Check only the Update Marketplace box.



To upload the Bigcommerce tab through our web uploader instead, go to the Products menu -> Import Products and Inventory. Check the Import Marketplace box and select MyStore from the Select marketplace drop-down.



If you include the Bigcommerce Product Attributes, or any other Product Level fields, with your Bigcommerce data, you will need to check both Product and Marketplace during the upload.

NOTE: Our listing service runs on a cycle. It may take up to 10 minutes for us to submit your automated items to Bigcommerce.

Downloadable Excel Example of a Bigcommerce Product Listing

This file contains an example of a Bigcommerce listing. You can also use the file as a template for creating your own new listings.

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