Fields Available for Customizing Packing Slips and Invoices

Our packing slip and invoice templates are fully customizable. To customize your packing slip or invoice, check out the instructions and templates in our article Printing and Customizing Packing Slips and Invoices. Once you have selected a template, you can copy the HTML tags from this article and paste them in your template.

The tables in this article are organized by the type of fields the tags relate to.

Field Categories:

  1. General Order Info
  2. Ship To Address Fields
  3. Shipping Fields
  4. Ordered Item Information
  5. Sorting Line Items
  6. Buyer Information
  7. Billing Details
  8. Related Articles


General Order Info

The following HTML tags automatically populate general information about an order onto your packing slip or invoice.

Order Field Name


Amazon Prime Indicator
(Automatically populates with "Yes" for Prime orders and "No" for non-Prime orders)


Order Date


Sales Channel Order ID Number


Sales Channel Alternate Order ID


Sales Channel Name


Internal Order ID Number


Internal Order ID Barcode
(Automatically turns the Internal Order ID into a scannable barcode)


Order Special Instructions
(Notes from the buyer)


Order Gift Message


Order Total


Order Sales Tax Amount


Discount Applied to the Entire Order


Total Paid for the Products Ordered


Order Payments


Order Quantity



Ship To Address Fields

The HTML tags in this table populate details about the address you are shipping to onto your packing slip or invoice.

Ship To Address Field Name


Ship To Name


Ship To Company Name


Ship To Address 1


Ship To Address 2


Ship To City


Ship To State


Ship To Zip Code


Ship To Country



Shipping Fields

The following HTML tags populate shipping related information onto your packing slip. These fields aren't designed to work on invoices.

Shipping Field Name


Ship Method Requested by the Buyer


Shipping Fee Paid by the Buyer


Shipping Carrier Selected During Label Printing


Tracking Number


Package ID Number


Total Quantity Shipped


Date Shipped



Ordered Item Information

Details about the products that your buyer ordered automatically populate into a table on your packing slips and invoices. You can use the field names in this section to control which fields appear in the table.


The HTML tag that you use to add the ordered items table to your packing slip is slightly different than the tag you use to add the table to your invoice. Here is how you add each table:


Displaying Ordered Items on Packing Slips

To display the table of ordered items on your packing slip, use the tag <order:shippedItems showColumns="Field Tag 1, Field Tag 2, Field Tag 3, ..."/>. Replace Field Tag 1, Field Tag 2, Field Tag 3, ... with the names of the field tags provided in the tables below. Separate each field with a comma and space. Keep the quotation marks at the beginning and end of your list of fields.

EXAMPLE: You want to show the quantity ordered, SKU, title, gift wrapping purchase, and gift message for each item. To do so, you would enter the following HTML tag into your packing slip template: <order:shippedItems showColumns="qtyordered, csku, title, giftWrap, giftMessage"/>.


Displaying Ordered Items on Invoices

To display the table of ordered items on your invoice, use the tag <order:orderedItems showColumns="Field Tag 1, Field Tag 2, Field Tag 3, ..."/>.

The only difference between the packing slip HTML tag and invoice HTML tag is that the packing slip uses "order:shippedItems" and the invoice uses "order:orderedItems." As far adding fields to the table, the two tags work exactly the same way.


Fields Available Only for Packing Slips

The following two tags only work on packing slips. If you add them to an invoice, they won't populate with values.

Ordered Item Field

Field Tag

Quantity Shipped


Quantity Packaged




Fields Available for Both Packing Slips and Invoices

The following field tags can be used in the ordered items table for both packing slips and invoices.

Ordered Item Field

Field Tag

Product Name


Product SKU


Main Product Image


Quantity Ordered






Model Number


Product Weight


Gift Wrap Purchase


Gift Message From Buyer




Price per Item


Extended Price
(= Price per Item X Quantity Ordered) 


Discount Applied to the Product


Declared Value for Customs


Sales Channel Order ID Number


Sales Channel Listing ID


Amazon ASIN


Product's Country of Origin


Product Title


Custom Product Attribute

(replace {AttributeName} with the name of the custom product attribute)

Storage Location


PO Source


Item Cost


Sorting Line Items

You can sort line items by any of the above mentioned fields on the Ordered Items Table.

The sorting is alphanumeric and can be set ascending or descending.

For Example if you have:

<order:shippedItems showColumns="qtyordered, csku, title, storageLocation"/>

And you want to sort by storage location, you will add the following code in red to the existing code block:

<order:shippedItems showColumns="qtyordered, csku, title, storageLocation" sortBy="storageLocation" sortByDir="desc"/>

Set "sortByDir" to ascending by using "asc" or descending by using "desc"

Buyer Information

The following HTML tags will automatically populate your buyer's information onto your packing slip or invoice.

Buyer Info Field Name




Buyer's Email Address


Buyer's Phone Number


Buyer's Street Address 1


Buyer's Street Address 2


Buyer's City


Buyer's State


Buyer's Zip Code


Buyer's Country



Billing Details

These tags will add billing information onto your packing slip or invoice.

Billing Info Field Name


Billing Name


Billing Email Address


Billing Phone Number


Billing Street Address 1


Billing Street Address 2


Billing City


Billing State


Billing Zip Code


Billing Country


Billing Invoice


Billing Processor


Billing Transaction ID


Amount Billed


Billing Date



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