Creating a Product Through the User Interface

This article will show you how to create products through Solid Commerce's user interface (UI).

When creating products, it's helpful to understand how Solid Commerce organizes product data. It's also good to have some knowledge about adding images, creating Product Attributes, and SKUs and Warehouse IDs. For more information on these topics, see the Related Articles section.


What we'll cover:

  1. Creating a Product
  2. Editing a Product
  3. Adding a Product to a Warehouse
  4. Related Articles


Creating a Product

1) In the Products menu -> Enter New Product. The Product Details window will pop-up.

2) Entering a Product Name is required.

3) SKU is the only other required field. You can enter your own or click the gear icon to generate a random SKU.

  • The maximum length is 50 characters.

4) Enter your product information.

5) If you want to add information into custom fields, you must create the product attributes in your Solid Commerce account first.

  • Select a product attribute from the Add Attributes drop-down menu at the bottom of the Product Details pop-up. Enter the attribute value in the Value field. Click the Add button.
  • To learn how to add custom attributes, please see Creating and Using Custom Product Attributes.



6) Paste the URL address for your primary image in the Main Image field.

  • To add Alternate images, click the Save button at the bottom. Then open the Alternate Images pop-up window by clicking on the page icon that appears to the right of the Main Image field.
  • For more info about images, see Adding Images to Products and Image Requirement.



7) In the Product Description section, you have two options:

  1. Save a unique description on marketplace's tab.
  2. Save a description on the General tab. Solid Commerce will send the General description to any marketplace that does not have its own description.



8) If you're ready to add your product to a Warehouse, click the Save and add to Warehouse button the bottom of the window. Adding a Product to a Warehouse Through the User Interface will walk you through the process.

  • If you aren't ready to add the product to a Warehouse yet, click the Save button.



9) If you ever need to create a similar product, you can use the Duplicate Product button at the top of the window.



Editing a Product

All product fields are editable, except for the SKU.

1) No matter what page you're on in Solid Commerce, you can open the Product Details window by clicking on the pencil icon or Product Name.

2) Make your revisions. Click the Save button at the bottom of the window.

3) If your changes need to be sent to the marketplaces, you'll need to manually initiate the listing update. To do that, use the Update Listings button in your Market Lists.


Adding a Product to a Warehouse

Now that you have a product, you can add it to a Warehouse. Adding a Product to a Warehouse Through the User Interface shows you how.


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