DRAFT: Amazon Business Pricing


If you have Amazon listings on Amazon Business site, we can enable Amazon Business repricing by request.

You will use the existing repricing functionality available in the Amazon Repricing Rules to compete against all other sellers.

For Amazon Business pricing, you must have a Price and the value will be defined in the "amazon business price expression" field. 

If you wish to provide discounts to your buyers for buying in bulk, you can use the _____


Excel Field Name Details
amazon quantity price type Use drop down to choose "percent" or "fixed"
amazon business price expression Your Amazon Business price expression
amazon quantity lower bound 1  
amazon quantity price 1  
amazon quantity lower bound 2  
amazon quantity price 2  


EXAMPLE:  Percent example

If you have a business price for ITEM 123 of $100 and you want to give a discount of 10% if your buyer orders more than 50 items and a 20% discount if your buyer orders more than 100 items: 

* Amazon business price expression = 100

* Amazon quantity lower bound 1 = 50

* Amazon quantity price 1 = 10


* Amazon quantity lower bound 2 = 100

* Amazon quantity price 2 = 20


This feature can also be used to compete uniquely against Amazon as a seller.


  • You will use the existing repricing functionality available in the Amazon Repricing Rules to compete again all other sellers
  • You can set a minimum price floor per item or per rule
  • The feature will automatically increase the set minimum price floor IF:

1. Amazon is listed as a competitive seller on the same listing AND if Amazon's sell price is above your set minimum

2. If the Amazon sell price is below your set minimum, the price floor will not be modified 

  a. In a case where the above statement is TRUE, and Amazon's sell price is higher than stated minimum, the feature will set a new minimum price floor to X more than Amazon's sell price.  The X value is $0.01

  • If /When Amazon is no longer reported as a seller on the "Competitive Offers" list provided by Amazon, the minimum price floor will return to your originally set minimum price floor
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