Using the new Webuploader to upload Products

Upload Products Using Web Uploader

Using the Web Uploader is an alternative way to upload files into Solid Commerce. It can be an option if you do not have the Excel Add-In Tool (Windows compatible only) or if you have custom files without Solid Commerce compatible headers. This is also a nice option for large files as this process occurs in the background on your computer.

Using the Webuploader allows you to use all the product, inventory and marketplace level fields available on the excel add-in tool.

Upload Using the CSV File Format

Currently CSV is the only supported file upload format with more to come in the near future. The files you upload for this will need to have all the proper Solid Commerce column names. Follow the steps below once you've filled out your spreadsheet with the data you're ready to upload.

  1. Open the Excel file containing your product data and confirm your headers correspond to the Solid Commerce column names.
  2. Save the file as a CSV (comma delimited) (*.csv) file type.
  3. In your Channels Manager account, navigate to Products > Import Products and Inventory
  4. Set up the Import Manager based on the following options available:
    • Add product if it is not found in list or Ignore product if it is not found in list
    • Upload Products to upload the product level
    • Upload Inventory to upload the inventory level
    • Upload Marketplace to upload to the marketplace level 2022-04-21_9-48-57.jpg
  5. Drag and Drop the CSV file on the browser or click the CSV icon to upload the file 2022-04-21_9-48-20.jpg
  6. Click Upload

Error Handling

Under the "Recent Uploads" tab you will see the results of the upload. If you see an error go to Products > Inventory Import Status to see cause of the error

Sample Template

Sample of a Simple Product upload from Article Creating Products Using a Spreadsheet

Basic Template for Creating Products.csv



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