Marketing Inserts


Marketing inserts allow you to add printed promotional items such as business cards, catalogs, coupons, and decals to your orders. You can add marketing inserts to your orders manually or by assigning rules.


Marketing Insert Requirements

Your marketing insert must follow a set of requirements before you began adding it to orders shipped out of 

Marketing Inserts:

  • Are intended to be of printed paper material or similar.

Assigning a Product as a Marketing Insert

To create a marketing insert, create a new product inside of your Channels Manager account first.



Before you can add this insert to your orders, the item needs to exist in your warehouse


To turn a product into a Marketing Insert, check the box Is Marketing Insert.




Creating a Marketing Insert Rule

You can use a rule to automatically add marketing inserts to your orders.


1) Go to Marketplaces-> Manage Marketing Inserts

2) Click on the Marketing Inserts tab



3) If you do not have any existing rules, click on the New Marketing Inserts Rule

4) Add a rule name.




5) Select the From and To dates for assigning the marketing insert rule.


6) Select which Sales Channel(s) orders you wish to provide the marketing insert for. You can choose a specific Sales Channel or choose "All Sales Channels"



7) You can auto-assign marketing interests by product manufacturer or attributes, or choose all products. Select a Rule Type from the drop-down menu.




8) If you wish to further define your rule by adding Advanced Options, you can choose "Discount Used" or "Items Subtotal" and populate values: 



9) Click "Continue"

10) Search for the SKU or product name of your marketing insert. 

Remember, the sku must be defined as a marketing insert to be searchable!


10) Click on the Magnifying Glass icon to search for your products and then click the orange arrow to select the sku: 


11) Add the quantity that should be used for the marketing insert.  If you wish to have quantity 1 used, populate 1

For the example below, quantity 1 should be used in marketing insert rule, but, there are 22 total units in the warehouse "Main".



12) Click on Create.

13) If you rule dates are current, your rule will be "Active". If your rule dates are in the past or in the future, your rule will be "Inactive"



Editing an Automation Rule

To edit an automation rule, click on the Pencil icon.



Removing an Automation Rule

To remove an automation rule, click on the Trashcan icon.



Manually Adding a Marketing Insert

If you fulfill orders yourself, you may want to manually add an insert to a paid order.


1) Go to ORDERS -> Manage Orders

2) Click on the ORDER ID.

3) Click on Marketing Inserts.

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