Orders Manager | January 2022 Updates

What's New:

1. Edit Order.

Add edit possibilities to edit in Order Manager:

Ship details:

  • Ship VIA

  • Ship Method

Edit Item details:

    • QTY

    • Price

    • Discount

    • Ship fee

    • Insurance

    • Cost at time of purchase

    • ASIN at time of purchase

    • MFR at time of purchase

    • Model number at time of purchase

All editable fields marked green


2. Order Details Changes in Order History

All changes with order will be stored in Order Details Changes in Order History:

  • What changed
  • Who Changed




3. Filter Orders with Kits

Introduce new possibility to Filter orders with KIT



4. Notes on Main Order View Page

Added Notes button for review order Notes




5. Improve picking list without images

Changed Layout of the Picking List without images so more orders can fit on one page



6. Select All/ Deselect All in Column Manager

Added possibility to Select All/ Deselect All columns in Column Manager





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