Connecting to Overstock


NOTE: If products on Overstock have 0 quantity, Overstock does not return those items during Auto import. 


Known limitations:

  • Listings must be created on Overstock
  • Updates to listings must be done on Overstock
  • Prices are controlled by Overstock


Supported Functionality:

  • Inventory can sync from Solid Commerce to Overstock via Automation
  • Orders can import from Overstock to Solid Commerce
  • Tracking can update from Solid Commerce to Overstock


Connecting to Overstock

1. Go to Marketplaces> Sales Channel Connections > Choose Overstock.

2. Choose a name for your Overstock connection

3. Choose NEW VERSION for your Overstock connection

4. Add your User name and Password from Overstock (the login you use on Overstock)


  • The Administrator login must be used to connect Overstock to Channels Manager. 
  • Overstock requires that the password be reset every 90 days for security purposes.  When you change the password on Overstock, you must also change the password in Channels Manager so the connection remains active!



Match Fulfillment Locations to SC Warehouses

  • The Solid Commerce warehouse can only be matched to one Overstock warehouse location
  • The Fulfillment Location field should be populated with the name of your warehouse in Supplier Oasis.
  • NOTE: This warehouse id is found in Supplier Oasis under Account Settings> Warehouse > Click "update" > Warehouse Name (not Display Name)


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