October 2021 BETA Release Notes


Additional October 2021 BETA release notes


New Shopify Product Attributes support:

The following Shopify product attribute fields are now supported so that you can sync data from Solid Commerce back to Shopify.

To use, please add the Solid Commerce attribute to your Portal 

Solid Commerce Product Attribute Field 

Shopify Native Field 

Shopify Type 


Shopify Option1_Name 

Option1 Name 

Shopify Option1_Value 

Option1 Value 

Shopify Option2_Name 

Option2 Name 

Shopify Option2_Value 

Option2 Value 

Shopify Image_Src 

Image Src 

Shopify Image_Position 

Image Position 

Shopify SEO_Title 

SEO Title 

Shopify SEO_Description 

SEO Description 

Shopify Variant_Image 

Variant Image 

Shopify Status 


Shopify Variant_Inventory_Tracker 

Variant Inventory Tracker 

Shopify Published 


Shopify Variant_Grams 

Variant Grams 

Shopify Variant_Taxable 

Variant Taxable 

Shopify Gift_Card 

Gift Card 

Shopify Variant_Weight_Unit 

Variant Weight Unit 


New Variation Image support for Shopify

Now when listing or updating products from Channels Manager back to Shopify, child images will be sent along with other product information back to Shopify  



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