Shopify Troubleshooting


Orders are not importing:

  •  Check that Order Import is on under Marketplaces> Sales Channel Connections > Shopify
  •  Check that a SKU exists on the Order in Shopify
  •  Check that the order Status is Paid/Unfulfilled in Shopify 
  •  Check that the API Permissions on Shopify is Read and Write for Orders

Tracking is not posting back to Shopify after order is Shipped in Channels Manager

  • Check that the order is Paid/Unfulfilled on Shopify
  • Check that only one "location" is set on the product in Shopify
  • Check that the sku on Shopify is set to "inventory is managed by Shopify"
  • Check that no Shopify Apps related to tracking could be interfering with posting of tracking
  • Check that the order not more than 60 days old.

Items are not importing:

  • Check that the product has a SKU on Shopify
  • Check that the SKUs have “Track Quantity” enabled.

  • Check that Item Import is on under the Marketplaces> Sales Channel Connections >Shopify
  • Check that the SKUs do not already exists in another Mystore list

Items not uploading with no las listing results

  • Check that the qty and the price expressions are valid
  • If its a variation listing, check that the parent SKU has at least a qty of 1 available


  • Update inventory failed for sku: , reason: item was not found on marketplace, lisiting status was changed to offline
  • Update/Insert listing Failed: ... Parent does not exist

Check that the sku did not import as a parent and then was changed to a standalone listing on Shopify. If so, remove the sku from Channels Manager and allow to reimport as a Standalone

We don't support "Close Listings"


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