Managing Users and Passwords


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Managing Users and Passwords

1) In the Admin menu, select Manage System Users.

2) This page gives you two options:

  • Add: Click the Add New User button.
  • Edit: Click an existing user's Login ID (email address) or the pencil icon.



3) User Information Section of the User Details Pop-Up — Enter or update any of the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address: Required.
  • Email 'reply to' address: This address is used as the Reply To if you manually initiate an email from the Manage Orders page.
  • Password and Confirm Password: To create or change a password, enter a password in both fields - 8 characters minimum.
  • Grant Access for the next: Leave the drop-down set to Permanently, or restrict the length of time a user can access your account.



  • Current Access Status: Once you save a new user, the length of time until their access expires will be displayed.
    • After access expires, the user will continue to be stored in your Channels Manager Portal. Their access status will read Access not granted. You can grant them access again at any time.


4) User Permissions, Platform Access Section — Check or uncheck whether the user can use:

  • Ship: Our shipping application.
  • Excel Add-In: A time-saving add-in for uploading and retrieving information directly in Excel.
  • Channels Manager (Online Website): Access to the website itself (this must be enabled to select any of the options in the Website Actions section, but not to select the other permissions on the page).


Leave FTP Access, POS Access, and QB Accounting Access unchecked unless you are ready to begin using Solid Commerce's FTP service, QuickBooks POS integration, or QuickBooks Accounting integration. Please be aware of the fees and setup process associated with each integration before enabling it.


5) Channels Manager Website Actions Permissions Section

  • For employees who need comprehensive access, click the Allow All link. Once all the fields are selected, you can uncheck any they may not need.
  • For employees that only need limited access, manually check only the parts of the platform they need access to.
  • Be aware of who you give permission to Manage System Users.


6) Restrict / Allow Actions Section

  • You can click the Allow All link to grant all three permissions to your user.
  • Close / Open Listings: Gives users the ability to close live listings on the marketplaces or launch new ones.

7) At the bottom of the page, click the Save button.

  • If you added a new user, you will need to refresh the Manage System Users page to see the new user in the list.
  • NOTE:

    Please allow up to five minutes for access to the Excel Add-In Tool, SolidShip Shipping Tool, and developers' web services. New users can access the website immediately.



8) If you want to remove a user, check the box to the left of their Login ID and click the Delete User button.




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