Multi-Box Shipping From SHIP NOW Panel


Sometimes items sold cannot fit nicely into one box. Example: Order comes in for two oversized computer monitors each needing their own package/box. With multi-box shipping, merchants can complete their orders in multi packages (if needed) with the same tracking. Without this functionality, merchants would have to send the additional packages as a different shipment which increases the shipment cost for that one order.

Solid Commerce supports the following multi-box scenarios:

  • Kitted item(s)
  • Bulk Split
  • Multi item order

Steps to activate multi-box functionality:

Orders>Orders Manager>Select desired order you wish to split into multiple packages>Select “SHIP NOW” > In the fly out panel under the “Shipping” view you should see the item(s) in the order>

To split an order into multiple packages simply click on the split icon



Once an item has been split a new package will be created in the UI. When a split occurs, we will divide the quantity evenly between the previous package and the new package. If there is any remaining quantity that quantity will be left in the original package. Example:

Order has a quantity of 5. When you use the split icon, we will put a quantity of 2 in the new package and keep a quantity of 3 in the original package. If you chose to split the second package, we will put a quantity of 1 in the new package and leave a quantity of 1 in package number 2.

After a new package has been created you can increase or decrease the amount of quantity for a particular SKU in that package by selecting the box with the number of quantity in that package.


Here you can indicate where you want that quantity to go. So, let’s say that you want to move a quantity of 2 (currently there is quantity of 8 in the package) from package #1 and want it to go to package #4. You would click in the quantity box and change the quantity from 8 to 6 then you will be displayed with the micro toast and you select #4 and a quantity of 2 would be added to package #4.

When you move quantity, you can also select to create a new package all together or ship that quantity later. Once the quantity of an item you are splitting into additional packages reaches 1 you will not be able to split any further.

 NOTE: You will not be able to partially ship a kit. If your customer orders 10 computer monitors from you and you can only ship 8 now you can partially ship those 8. But if you sell a kit for example: computer set that is made up of a mouse, keyboard, monitor and tower you will not be able to perform this function.

If you indeed have all the quantity available to ship now and you selected quantity to be shipped later in a previous action you can navigate to the bottom of the scroll screen inside the SHIP NOW panel in the ship later section and click into the quantity box and enter zero. When you do that you will be prompted to select “NEW PACKAGE” or “MOVE TO PACKAGE”. In this scenario you would select “MOVE TO PACKAGE” and select what package you want it to back into.

You can always exit the SHIP NOW panel and re-select the order and start fresh again if you made any mistakes.


BULK SPLIT: If you want to quickly split many packages you can do so with the bulk split function. In order for this feature to be enabled / be visible your order has to have a qty of > 3. If for example you have a qty of 11 and you select the orange arrow we will bulk split that order into 11 separate packages saving you time.


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