Multi-Item Packaging Rules


Packaging rules allow you to set up predefined packaging parameters on a SKU level that allows merchants to ship multiple items for one order. 

For example: Let’s assume you are in the furniture business. You sell big tables. Table ‘X’ is too big to fit in one box and needs to be shipped in two boxes. However, you don’t want to turn the order into two different shipments because you will have to pay more in shipping costs. Rather, using the packaging rule you can print multiple labels under one shipment.

Steps to create a Packaging Rule:

1. Select Admin at the top of the menu bar

2. Select Shipping Rules

3. Select the Packaging Rules tab


4. Select New Packaging Rule 


5. Give your Packaging Rule a name

6. Predefined Package is set to Custom Packaging by default and is read-only.    


7. Additional Packaging Weight – please add how much the packaging itself weight without the product. You must enter at least 1 oz.                                                    


8. Maximum items in the package – Default is set to 1. This is the maximum number of items that can go into one package/box.                                                                               


9. Additional Handling – Some items need additional handling. UPS, for example, defines additional handling as shipments weigh over 70lbs, Length > 48in, Width >30in         


10. Declared Value – UPS’s liability for example is limited to US$100 on packages with no declared value. If the value of your goods exceeds US$100 you can declare a higher value, up to US$50,000 per package. Please refer to your carrier’s websites to learn more.             


Please keep in mind the value you enter here is applied to each package. So, if you enter $1000 and you have two packages both packages will have a declared value of $1000 each. If the declared value for both packages totals $1000 you can put $500 as the Declared Value and $500 will be applied to each package.

**Note: You can override the declared value in the ShipNow pane however, the value you enter will be evenly divided to each sku quantity. Ex. If the rule is set to $700 for Declared Value and you have two packages (two skus in one package and one sku in another package) and want to override the Declared Value in the ShipNow pane to $645 a value of $430 will go to the package with two skus and a value of $215 will be applied to the package with one sku.

How the math works. $645 (new Declared Value amount) / 3 (total quantity of skus in order) = $215. Package with two skus would be $430 ($215+$215) and the package with one sku would be just $215

11. Package Dimensions W x L x H – If you already have your dimensions saved to your SKU and want to use those values for this packaging rule, leave the width, length, height fields blank.

12. Package Height is – There are two option:

  • Fixed – This means no multiplier will be added to your height calculation. We will only use want value is in the height filed.
  • Calculated – Means we will multiply your height by the number of items per package/box.

Example: Let’s say you are in the tire business. When you sell two tires for example you stack the tires one top of the other. Once the tires are stacked you strap them together. Now in this example your width, length is the same, but your height has doubled. So, if your dimensions were W 9” L 9” H 20” and you applied this rule to this item your new dimensions would be W 9” L 9” H 40” 

13. Then save the rule.

Add new packaging rule to a SKU:

  • Navigate to the products menu
  • Select Inventory Manager
  • Select a warehouse
  • Search for your SKU
  • Select the product page pencil icon                                                                                           


  • Once the product page window pops up on your screen scroll to the “Ship Class, Units in box:” section and from the drop-down select your new packaging rule. 


  • Once you make your selection then scroll to the bottom of the page and hit “Save” 

Known Limitations:

Please note, at this time you cannot override Height, Length, and Width in the ShipNow fly out page once the rule has been applied to the order. As a workaround, you can edit the packaging rule, save the change then come back to the ShipNow fly out page to print the updated label. You can however override weight, insurance, declared value through ShipNow page.

Once we release the new multi-box UI in phase 2 you will be able to do overrides for package dimensions. 

**NOTE: Endicia (USPS) and Amazon Buy Shipping currently do not support multi-box packaging. This is a limitation on USPS and Amazon's platforms. To learn more about this limitation for Amazon Buy Shipping please select this link:


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