Walmart Update: v3 Listing Info + Walmart Deprecation of v1 and v2 APIs and Old Connection Method

With Walmart scheduled to deprecate their old connection method along with their v1 and v2 APIs today (Wednesday, 8/28/19), we wanted to provide you with some updated FAQs.


Are You Ready for These Changes?

Yes. We released support for the new oAuth connection method a few months ago.

We released support for the v3 APIs at the beginning of July.

After some testing and usability improvements, everything is released and ready to use.


Do I Need to Make Any Changes to Keep My Prices and Quantities Updating Automatically?

No. We will continue to automatically submit price and quantity updates to Walmart.


Do I Need to Make Any Changes to Relist Items That Are Out of Stock?

No. Items that are out of stock will automatically relist when inventory is added (so long as the automation is turned on).


What Other Changes Did You Make?

In order to make automatic relisting possible, we changed the way we manage the listing status of Walmart items.

Walmart considers out of stock listings published but unavailable to buyers. We now match Walmart by keeping the status of out of stock items set to online.

Because we keep listings online, when quantity is added back to an item that was out of stock, we submit a simple quantity update to Walmart instead of submitting full listing information.


How Do I List Products Using v3?

The listing process with v3 is pretty much the same as it was before.

As a one-time process, you will need to download and modify a new Solid Commerce template.

Our support article details the process, Listing to Walmart (Creating New Listings and Adding Yourself to Existing Listings).


How Do I Update Listing Details on Listings That Already Exist on Walmart?

Walmart made large changes to their categories and the way they organize their attributes.

They don't have any automated way to migrate the data in their system from v2 to v3. We couldn't find a way to migrate it reliably in ours either.

The process for updating existing listings is the same as the process for listing new items.

You need to provide the minimal number of required fields with your revision. You don't need to add any optional attributes.


What Will Happen if I Haven't Reconnected Solid Commerce to Walmart Yet?

Your Solid Commerce account will be disconnected from Walmart when they deprecate their old connection method (scheduled for today). We won't be able to import orders or update prices, quantities, or listings.

If you haven't reconnected during the last four to six weeks, please reconnect now. It only takes about five minutes. You can find the instructions in the Reconnecting to Walmart section of our "Connecting or Reconnecting to Walmart" article.

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