April 2019 Release Notes: Amazon SFP FedEx One Rate Support, eBay Out of Stock Control Changes, Scale Functionality, Exporting Tracking Information

Our release tonight (Wednesday, 4/17/19) includes several new features. We hope that they add value for you.


Features and changes included in our April 2019 release:

  1. FedEx One Rate Package Types for Shipping Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Orders
  2. eBay Out of Stock Control Changes
  3. Support for Digital Scales in Beta Order Manager
  4. Exporting Shipment and Tracking Information From Beta Order Manager


FedEx One Rate Package Types for Shipping Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Orders

When printing shipping labels for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime orders through the Solid Commerce Beta Order Manager page, you will now be able to select FedEx One Rate package options.

In order to use FedEx One Rate, you first need to have One Rate enabled on your FedEx account by FedEx. You also need to connect Amazon to your FedEx shipping account.

After that setup is complete, you can select the FedEx One Rate options in the Solid Commerce Ship Now flyout panel and in the new Shipping Rules.




You can also print FedEx One Rate labels when shipping non-Amazon orders through Solid Commerce. In the new Shipping Rules or Ship Now flyout, we automatically request a One Rate label from FedEx when you select any of FedEx's flat rate package types. So long as One Rate has been enabled on your shipping account by FedEx, you be billed at these low rates.


eBay Out of Stock Control Changes

Until recently, we managed eBay's out of stock control feature on a listing-by-listing basis.

On eBay, out of stock control is an account wide feature. If you opt in, eBay applies out of stock control to all of your listings.

Managing the feature per listing in Solid Commerce offered some additional flexibility. However, it was confusing that we managed out of stock control differently than eBay. It also added work for clients. You had to make sure that out of stock control was turned on in your Solid Commerce eBay Listing Templates and applied to all of your listings.

In order to simplify things, we are now automatically applying out of stock control to all of your listings. Whenever we submit a quantity update to eBay, we query eBay to see if you have out of stock control enabled in your eBay seller manager account. If you do, we apply the setting to all of your listings, including listings that have been reduced to zero.

Since you no longer need to enable the out of stock feature in Solid Commerce, we are removing the out of stock checkbox from the eBay Listing Templates. It will also be removed from the eBay listing details window for each listing (available when you click on the gear icon). We have removed it from the Excel Add-In tool's Manage Excel Columns help pop-up too.


Support for Digital Scales in Beta Order Manager

When printing shipping labels through Beta Order Manager, you can now use your digital scale to automatically populate weights into the Ship Now flyout panel.

Connecting your scale to Solid Commerce is easy.

1) Select an order and click the SHIP NOW button.

2) In the Ship Now flyout panel, click on the blue Setup Scales icon next to the weight.


3) You will be prompted to place an object on your scale so that we can detect it. Add an object and click CONTINUE.

4) If the correct weight is displayed on the next screen, click SAVE. Your scale is now connected.


Exporting Shipment and Tracking Information From Beta Order Manager

We've added a new export option to Beta Order Manager so that you can easily view shipment details, shipping cost, and tracking information in bulk. After selecting orders, you can now chose to export them with tracking.


The following nine columns will always be included in your export file:

  1. SC Order ID
  2. Sales Channel Order ID
  3. SKU
  4. Shipped Quantity
  5. Listing Title
  6. Ship Date
  7. Carrier Shipping Method
  8. Carrier Shipping Cost
  9. Tracking
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