March 2019 Release Notes: User Interface Enhancements in Beta Order Manager and Shipping Rules + Performance Optimization

We're making a few updates to the Beta Order Manager and Shipping Rules pages tonight (Wednesday, 3/13/19). We're also optimizing bulk label printing through the Beta Order Manager.


What Is Changing in the Beta Order Manager?

Currently, the buttons to perform actions on your orders are found in the light blue/gray bar directly under the main menu.



With the system-wide release tonight, we are moving the buttons. They will be displayed under the tabbed submenus.

We are also changing the user interface on the order detail page. When you select an order to view the order details, you will see the basic order information listed above the tabbed submenus. Here is a preview of the changes:



In addition to these user interface updates, we're enhancing the search options. "Ship-To Name" will be added as its own search option. Until now, it has been combined with the "Buyer Name" search. We are also adding partial search capabilities to both name filters so that you don't need to enter the person's full name.


We wanted to streamline the user interface. By moving the buttons under the tabbed menus, we can make sure that we only show you the buttons that you can use on that tab. The change also has a simpler and cleaner visual appearance.

By showing the basic order info above the order details, it will be easier to track which order you are viewing.

For the search, splitting the "Ship-To Name" and "Buyer Name" into separate searches is clearer and will speed up your searches. The partial match capability makes searching orders easier.


What Is Changing in the Beta Interface for the Shipping Rules?

Currently, the Shipping Rules are displayed as tiles. This makes for a clean look, but you can't prioritize the rules or see what settings are saved in them.

After our update, the Shipping Rules will be displayed in a grid. The settings stored in the rules will be visible in the grid.

Manually Prioritizing Rules

When shipping an order, our system automatically evaluates your Shipping Rules to find a rule that applies to that order. The system starts at the top of the list of rules and works its way down until it finds a rule where the "if" clause matches the order. It then applies the corresponding shipping method. There might be other rules with "if" options that match the order further down the list of rules. We stop at the first match.

We automatically prioritize the rules based on the settings you selected in them. However, sometimes you may want to override the default priority by moving a rule up or down the list. This update provides you with that capability.


The new user interface will allow you to manually prioritize the Shipping Rules making it easier to customize which shipping method should be used for certain orders. The grid view will also allow you to see which settings are saved in each rule without having to open it.


How Is the Beta Order Manager Being Optimized?

We are continuing to improve Beta Order Manager. With this update, we optimized the performance and reliability of the system when printing shipping labels in bulk - even when printing more than one thousand labels at a time.


When Will You Make These Updates?

We will perform this system-wide release between 10:00 PM (Pacific Daylight Time) tonight (Wednesday 3/13/19) and 4:00 AM tomorrow morning (Thursday 3/14/19).

There won't be any downtime during this release. The Solid Commerce platform will remain up and running.


What Changes Do I Have to Make?

You don't need to make any changes. The updates to the user interface will be noticeable, but your workflow will remain the same.

As an enhancement, you will be able to manually override the default priorities assigned to your Shipping Rules.


Thank you,
Solid Commerce

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