January 2019 Release Notes: ShipWorks Integration Enhancement - Updating ShipWorks Addresses and Order Statuses

We are excited to announce that we are upgrading our ShipWorks integration.


What Is Changing?

We will begin updating orders in ShipWorks when:

  • The order status changes
  • The shipping address is revised

To be able to update orders, we need to submit all orders to ShipWorks, regardless of their status in Solid Commerce. You will no longer see only paid orders in ShipWorks, like you do now. You will see orders in all statuses: shipped, canceled, waiting for buyer, etc.


When Will This Change Occur?

The revisions will be released system-wide this Tuesday or Wednesday night (January 29th or 30th). Once we finalize the date, we will let you know. The change will be visible in ShipWorks the morning after we perform the release.


Do You Support Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime?

With this announcement, we also wanted to note that we support printing Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime labels through ShipWorks. This feature is already live. It isn't part of this week's release. We just wanted to make sure everyone knows about this capability.

To print Seller Fulfilled Prime labels, you need to setup ShipWorks for Prime label printing. You can find more information about the setup and per order fee charged by ShipWorks in this article from ShipWorks' support site: http://support.shipworks.com/support/solutions/articles/4000067031-shipping-with-amazon-s-seller-fulfilled-prime-shipping-program.

The Prime orders are tagged by our integration so that you can identify them in ShipWorks. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


How Will Order Updates Work?


  • Your buyer updates their shipping address on the marketplace. The updated address then imports into Solid Commerce (assuming the marketplace or shopping cart makes updates available to us). We send the new address to ShipWorks during the next order download so that your ShipWorks order has the corrected address.
  • An order is dropshipped by your supplier. Once the tracking is updated in Solid Commerce, we push the shipped status in ShipWorks during the next download. This will make it easier for you to know which orders you need to ship yourself and which have been fulfilled by your dropshippers.
  • An order is canceled on the marketplace or in Solid Commerce. We will update the order to canceled status in ShipWorks.


Will I Be Affected?

Yes. The morning after we release this enhancement system-wide, you will notice that ShipWorks downloads all orders from Solid Commerce. This includes orders in shipped, canceled, waiting for buyer, and any other status. Currently, only orders in paid status in Solid Commerce download into ShipWorks.


What Steps Should I Take?

In ShipWorks, you can use actions to create filters to sort orders by status. This will allow you to focus on shipping orders in paid status. If an order is updated to shipped or canceled status in Solid Commerce, we will submit that update to ShipWorks. Your filter will remove that order from the paid queue so that you don't accidentally ship it.

If you don't create any filters, every order will be visible under "All Orders" no matter what the status of the order is.


How Will the ShipWorks Order Download Feature Be Impacted?

The display in ShipWorks that shows you how many orders are downloading can't tell the difference between a new order and an order that imported earlier, but is being updated now. This can make the number of orders displayed a bit confusing.

EXAMPLE: You download 100 orders from Solid Commerce. A little while later, you run the download again. ShipWorks shows you that you are "Downloading 2 orders." After the download finishes, you have 101 orders. Only one new order downloaded. This occurred because one of the orders that just downloaded wasn't new. It was an order with a revised shipping address. 


Does ShipWorks Provide Statuses to the Items in an Order?

ShipWorks applies statuses to the entire order. They don't apply statuses to the individual items in an order.

EXAMPLE: You have an order with three different SKUs. You cancel one of the SKUs in Solid Commerce. In Solid Commerce, the order details will show that you have two items pending shipment and one canceled item. The order won't be updated in ShipWorks. In ShipWorks, all three items will still be awaiting shipping. The status of the order will remain paid in both Solid Commerce and ShipWorks.

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