How to "fix" UPCs

Option 1: Change the column format to text. Select column>> Right Click >> Select "Text" >> Click OK
Downside: you have to go back in the cell and and then click out of it, so Good for small qty of UPCs to fix

Option 2: Use "Text to Column". Select column>>Click "Data" tab>> Click "Text to Columns">> Click"Next">> Click"Next">> Select "Text" >> Click "Finish"
Downside: UPCs with zero in the beginning will not format correctly

Option 3: Use a formula to convert to text and set number of characters.
Formula is =TEXT(A2,"000000000000"), where A2 is the cell where the original UPC is .
Downside: you have to copy the "fixed upcs" back into the original upc column. Paste as values only.

Option 4: Import Data from Text/CSV and change data type to text:

  1. Open a blank excel file – go to data
  2. From Text/csv
  3. In the import data box, select the exported file
  4. Click on import
  5. Select the column(s) that you want to format and right click on the column header
  6. In change type-> select text
  7. Click on close & Load.




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