eBay Common Error Messages

Error Message Meaning Solution
UPC has an invalid value of "############". Enter a valid value and try again. UPC is invalid

Check if the UPC is valid here: http://gepir.gs1.org/index.php/search-by-gtin

Also check the number of characters, it should be 12

Client needs to use valid UPCs or they can enter "Does not Apply" in the product level UPC field


 The package weight is not valid or is missing. Provide a valid number for the weight.  Client is using an eBay shipping business policy which requires weight and dimensions to calculate a rate and SC only sends weight and dimensions when Calculated shipping is used within Solid Commerce.  How to apply an eBay Shipping Business Policy via a Beta template:
  1. Must have a category in ""Basic Listing Information""
  2. Under ""Domestic Shipping Options"" check
    1. Shipping Rate
    2. First Offered Mail Service
  3. On the Right under 'DOMESTIC SHIPPING OPTIONS"" select:(must be in this order)
    1. Calculated shipping rate (will not be used, but it is needed to upload package weight)
    2. Any First offered Mail Service (will not be used, but it is needed to upload package weight)
    3. Lastly select the Shipping Business Policy
  4. Apply the template to the item and list product
 Update Failed (123055110009): Variation specifics cannot be changed in restricted revise at...  Once a sale has occurred for any item in the variation group you cannot edit the variation specifics or images of that group  Client would have to close the listing and re-list
 Before you can list this item we need some additional information to create a seller's account.    Check that pay pal is correct. Try unlinking and re-linking pay pal account
Failed to insert into listing queue. Error: Input string was not in a correct format   check the qty expression
org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Character reference "" is an invalid XML character eBay considers Unicode characters invalid, these are also known as non-ASCII characters.

To remove Unicode characters, you can use notepad++
In Notepad++ you can use following replacement: [^\x00-\x7F]+


Match case
Wrap Around

Regular Expression

NOTE: These invalid characters can exist not only in the Descriptions, but also in the title and item specifics.

Duplicate VariationSpecifics trait value in the VariationSpecificsSet container. This error means that some of the variations that you are trying to list in a multi-variation listing have exactly the same item specifics options, so eBay couldn't recognize the difference between them. 
Check if your variations combinations are unique for your product.

Typically, this error would be triggered when particular values of the multi-variation options in the Item Specific fields for the variation items are saved with a different capitalization. For example White and white

Or in the case of JIRA SC-17266 there were spaces before and after the variation product attributes

Cannot list with both product listing details and item compatibilities.
Either provide product listing details or manually specify item compatibilities.



Selected category is not enabled for variation listings Not all categories can have variations on eBay

Only categories in this list have variations: 


eBay Error: The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy
 If the Title and Descriptions were working before and they get his error it may be due to their payment option on eBay

 Have the client change their account to eBay managed payments as the default option

Missing ModifyName container in ModifyNameList container.
Check that the variation items have a variation group assigned to them




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