Big Commerce: Importing Order Payment status of Paid

Previously, we only imported Big Commerce orders that were in the order status:

Awaiting Fulfillment with payment status Captured.

Awaiting Pickup with payment status Captured.

Update: last week we had a banner announcement on Big Commerce order Payment status.  We did the release overnight on Wednesday, March 27th, 2024, to expand our order import capabilities to include orders that are in Awaiting Fulfillment and Awaiting Pickup order status, but have the payment status of Paid.



This will allow for manually created orders (example: replacement orders or zero dollar orders) on Big Commerce to import into Channels Manager, so you can more easily manage inventory control and process the shipment. 


NOTE: If you already have "Get Unpaid orders" checked on your Big Commerce marketplace connection page under Marketplaces>Sales Channel connections, you will not see any changes to your order import logic after the release to production.


Please reach out to our Support team if any questions! 

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