Beta Release Notes 6/22/16: Embedded and Redesigned Pages

As you may know, we've been working hard to give Solid Commerce a new look and provide you with a better user experience.

In preparation of bringing the New User Interface to more clients, we've made four improvements to our beta site:

  1. Embedded Pages
  2. Redesigned Login Page
  3. Redesigned Menu Bar
  4. Inventory Manager Facelift (Not the New UI!)

More pages to follow soon...


Embedded Pages

The heart of this release! Any New UI pages that are available to you are now embedded in the beta Channels Manager site—creating a more seamless experience across the platform. No more pop-ups!



Redesigned Login Page

We updated the login page. The background provides a pleasant view of Marina del Rey harbor, near our office.



Redesigned Menu Bar

The menu header received a styling upgrade to make it flow with pages from the New UI. It is the same other than the look. No pages were moved. For example, the Inventory Manager is still in the Products menu.



Inventory Manager Facelift (Not the New UI!)

Similar to the menu bar, the Inventory Manager received a facelift—updated icons, buttons, styling, and colors.

This is not the New UI! The functionality is all the same as before. This page will be completely redesigned for the New UI. For now, we restyled it to make it easier on the eyes.



What do you think about the changes? Please leave a comment below or email:


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