Shipping Amazon Merchant Fulfilled Prime Orders FAQs

Here are some FAQs about fulfilling Amazon Prime orders (“MFN Prime” orders) through Solid Commerce.

Amazon labels are printed through our New User Interface for the Oder Manager. Some of the answers on this page include links to articles that teach you how to use the New UI. You can access all of the New UI documentation by visiting the SolidShip (Web Solution) - HowToGuide.


How do I print Amazon Prime shipping labels through Solid Commerce?

We offer Amazon Label Service (Amazon Buy Shipping) as a carrier in our New User Interface for the Order Manager. You can print labels directly from the web without using SolidShip!

When printing labels, you must select Amazon Label Service from the list of carriers in the Override Ship with combo box, then select your shipping method.


How do I get started?

Participation in the MFN Prime program is restricted by Amazon. Please contact Amazon for enrollment details.

Once you are approved by Amazon, please contact our support team so that we can help you get you set up on the New UI.

NOTE: You must agree to the Amazon Buy Shipping API terms and conditions on Seller Central before you can print Amazon labels through Solid Commerce. For instructions, search Amazon's Help in Seller Central for: Merchant Fulfillment API.


How can I view my Prime orders?

Isolating your Prime orders is easy. When you go to search for orders, click on the All Filters button (...) to access more search options. Select Show Only Amazon Prime Orders in the Advanced Filter combo box.

For visual confirmation, we display the Prime logo next to the SC Order ID for all Prime orders.

For more information about the search capabilities of the New UI, please see NEW! Orders Manager: Scan and Ship and Order Tags.

The Prime icon doesn't appear in the original user interface. That means that Prime orders look the same as all other orders in the Legacy UI.


Can I use my own shipping carrier accounts to print labels for Prime orders?

Prime labels must be printed through Amazon's Buy Shipping service. Amazon won't accept tracking information for Prime orders if you ship them directly through UPS, FedEx, or USPS.

In Solid Commerce, you need to select Amazon Label Service from the list of carriers in the Override Ship with combo box for all of your Prime orders. After selecting Amazon Label Service, you will have the option to print a UPS, FedEx, or USPS shipping label through Amazon.

If you have your own or UPS account, you can connect it to your Seller Central account. To learn how, search Amazon's Help for: Manage Your Carrier Accounts.

If you don't link any carrier accounts to Seller Central, Amazon will charge your seller account for each label you print.


Can I control which regions I offer Prime shipping to?

Yes. Amazon's shipping templates allow you to select which regions you want to offer Prime shipping in. Amazon doesn't show the Prime logo to buyers outside of your Prime regions. They are offered your standard shipping options instead. To learn how to set up your shipping templates, search Amazon's Help for: Configure Shipping Settings for Seller Fulfilled Prime.


Are all shipping methods displayed under the Amazon Label Service carrier available at all times?

Amazon determines which shipping methods meet the Prime requirements on an order-by-order basis. To make the determination, Amazon considers the ship from location, ship to location, and time in transit associated with each shipping method.

EXAMPLE: If you are shipping from New York to Miami, you will have more shipping methods available to you than if you are shipping from New York to Los Angeles.

Until we request a label from Amazon, we cannot know which shipping methods Amazon will allow for that particular order. That means that all shipping methods are visible in your Solid Commerce account. If you select a method that doesn't qualify for Prime shipping, you will receive an error when you try to print the label.


Does Amazon have any requirements when printing Prime labels through the Amazon Label Service?

Yes, you must:

  • Select Amazon Label Service from the list of carriers in the Override Ship with combo box. If you ship Merchant Fulfilled Prime orders directly through UPS, FedEx, or USPS, Amazon won't accept the tracking information.
  • Select a valid package type. If you select Custom Packaging, you must provide dimensions. The dimensions need to be greater than 1 x 1 x 1.
  • Require that the receiver sign for the package. In the Override Signature Type combo box, select any option other than Not Required.


Does the “Test Print” feature work with the Amazon Label Service?

While Amazon does not provide the ability to print test labels, we support this functionality by printing a live label and then voiding it immediately.

Because we need to print a live label as part of this process, the buyer will receive the initial tracking number of the voided label. To communicate tracking numbers for any live labels you print later, please manually send the tracking to the buyer through Seller Central. Amazon will save the new tracking numbers to the order, but they won't automatically email them to the buyer.

Amazon is aware of the limitation with test printing and should be working on a solution.


Can I void shipping labels printed through the Amazon Label Service?

Yes. Find the order you want to void in the Order Manager and click on the SC Order ID to view the order details. On the TRACKING INFO tab, click on the void shipment (Delete) icon. Check the Request to void label with carrier and receive refund if available box.

You can monitor your void request in your Amazon Seller Central account. Please be aware that it can take upwards of two weeks for the shipping carrier to provide a response.


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