Creating Variation Listings on Walmart

This article explains how to create variation-style listings on Walmart using a spreadsheet.

To create your listings, you can use the Excel template attached to Listing to Walmart (Creating New Listings and Adding Yourself to Existing Listings). That article contains details about populating all of the other Walmart fields and the template includes the fields described in this article with examples of variation listings.


What we'll cover:

  1. Setting Up Your Variations
  2. Required Variation Information
  3. Optional Variation Information
  4. Related Articles


Setting Up Your Variations

Walmart doesn't use parent SKUs to create variations. You only submit the child items that belong to the family.

Instead of a parent item, Walmart ties the variation items together by having you assign a Variant Group ID to each child item.


Required Variation Information

This table contains the fields that you need to populate to create a variation listing.

Sold Commerce Field Name Replaces Walmart Field Field Description
walmart:parent sku

Variant Group ID

The Variant Group ID identifies all of the child items that belong to the listing.

Enter the same Variant Group ID for each child item in your variation. You can use a parent SKU or any alphanumeric combination up to 20 characters long.

Make sure not to use a value that you already used for another variation listing or Walmart will add your new items to the existing variation listing.

walmart attr:Variant Attribute Names

Variant Attribute Names

The name of your variant attribute(s). Copy the attribute names from the drop-down found in the "Variant Attribute Names" column of Walmart's listing template. The drop-down is category specific and includes all of the attributes available to use as variations.

Make sure to add any attributes that you select as variation attributes to your Solid Commerce template in their own columns.

EXAMPLE: If you are listing a t-shirt with a size variation, you will enter clothingSize in this field. You will also have a separate column named walmart attr:Clothing Size so that you can enter the correct size for each child item.

If you have more than one variation attribute, separate each attribute with a semicolon.

EXAMPLE: clothingSize;color


For full information about populating Walmart's variation fields, see their support article Manage Variant Groups.


Optional Variation Information

The fields in this table are optional.

Sold Commerce Field Name Replaces Walmart Field Field Description
walmart:is primary variant Is Primary Variant

The primary variant is the item displayed in the search results and when the item page loads.

If you want to select an item as the primary variant, enter Yes in this field.

If you don't select a primary variant, Walmart will use the first SKU in the variation as the primary.

walmart attr:Swatch Image-Swatch Variant Attribute (#1) Swatch Images-Swatch Variant Attribute

Swatch images are added to the listing as thumbnails. Buyers can click on them to view different options. They are like visual buttons.

Swatches are commonly used for color or pattern variations.

If you don't provide swatches, Walmart displays your variation options as text buttons.

To populate this field, enter the attribute name of the variation you are providing swatch images for.

EXAMPLE: color

If you have swatch images for more than one attribute, add another column to your file with the header: walmart attr:Swatch Images-Swatch Variant Attribute (#2)

EXAMPLE: You have one set of swatches for the colors that your product comes in and another set of swatches for the patterns.

walmart attr:Swatch Image-Swatch Image URL (#1) Swatch Images-Swatch Image URL

Enter the URL for your swatch image in this field.

Walmart recommends a resolution of 100 x 100 pixels for swatches. The URL must be a final destination URL (no redirects). For additional image requirements, see Walmart's article, Product Content Policy.

Each child item needs a URL. However, you can use the same URL for multiple children.

EXAMPLE: You sell t-shirts. The small, medium, large, and x-large black shirts will all have the same swatch image URL.

If you provided more than one swatch variant attribute, add another column to your file for the additional URLs. Use the header: walmart attr:Swatch Images-Swatch Image URL (#2).


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