Order Management FAQs

Q: If I ship an order directly through the specific channel (not through Solid Commerce), will Solid Commerce mark that order as shipped as well?

A: No, it will not.

The system does not query any channel for shipped orders.

To “clear” your Solid Commerce order manager of all shipped orders:

Search for all “Paid” orders -> check mark the desired orders (individually or in bulk) ->  under the “Change Status” drop down menu select “Shipped” -> then click "Apply Status Change."

NOTE:  Only do this for orders that have already been marked shipped on that channel:

  • If the order has been marked, there will NOT be an additional email sent to the buyer.
  • If it was NOT marked, applying the status change will mark that order as shipped (regardless of Automation is On or Off for your listings) and therefore also notify the buyer the order was shipped.

Q: Why am I unable to cancel shipped order?

A: To cancel an order that has already been completed (shipped):

Void the shipments -> cancel the order.

NOTE: The status of the order cannot be reverted to canceled.  This is by design and is not a bug.

Q: Why am I having an issue importing external order files into Solid Commerce?

A: This has been seen on the daily deals site Choxi (formerly No More Rack).  The "order_date" column is causing the issue as it follows a European format of DD/MM/YYYY.  Revising the format to MM/DD/YYYY should resolve the upload issue.

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