Troubleshooting Uploads With the Excel Add-In Tool


Custom Specific Name could not be found

When you receive the error "Custom Specific Name could not be found" while uploading an Excel file, you have product attributes in your file that haven't been added to your Solid Commerce account yet.

To resolve the error:

1) In your Solid Commerce account, go to the Products menu -> Manage Product Attributes.

2) Add any attributes that are in your file, but not in Solid Commerce, to the Global Product Attributes pop-up.

3) If the attributes in Excel already exist in your Solid Commerce account, ensure that there are no typos or extra spaces in their names. The names in Excel must match your Solid Commerce account exactly.


Update fail An item with the same key has already been added.

To resolve this error: 

Make sure that you do not have any duplicate header names in your Excel File




Q: Which versions of Excel are supported?

A: Excel 2016 or newer running on Windows operating system Vista or newer.


Q: What is the latest version of the Solid Commerce Excel Add-In Tool?

A: The latest version is: 2019.10.09.1

You can find the version by selecting the Solid Commerce menu and clicking the About button.

The tool automatically updates itself. If you don't have the latest version, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the Add-In Tool. You can find instructions in the "Uninstall and Reinstall the Excel Tool" section of Troubleshooting the Solid Commerce Excel Add-In Tool When It's Not Visible.


Q: What are the required fields in Excel when performing an upload to my Solid Commerce account?

A: That depends on the kind of data you’re looking to upload.

To Create a New SKU

To create a new SKU on your account the three required fields are resultsproduct name, and product custom sku.

To Update an Existing SKU

For existing items, the required fields are determined by the type of information you are updating:

  1. Updating Product level data -> Requires product custom sku.
  2. Updating Inventory level data -> Requires resultsproduct custom sku, warehouse id, and warehouse name.
  3. Updating Marketplace level data-> Requires resultsproduct custom sku, warehouse id, and list name.


All other data fields are optional.


Q: Where do I find my “Warehouse Name”  and/or “List Name”?

A: The “Warehouse Name” value is the name of the virtual warehouse which you have created in your Inventory Manager.

To find that value:

Open your Solid Commerce account -> Products tab -> Inventory Manager -> Click on "+" by the Warehouses to expand the list of warehouse names -> select the desired list.


Vendor Inventory List names are also populated under the “Warehouse Name” column.


To find these:

Inventory Manager OR “My Vendors” -> Click on "+" by the desired vendor -> select the Vendor Inventory list name.


The Vendor Inventory list value, not the Vendor's name, should be populated in Excel.


Q: My Excel Add-in Tool was visible and it suddenly disappeared. How can I add it back?

A: Please follow the steps in Troubleshooting the Solid Commerce Excel Add-In Tool When It's Not Visible.


Q. Why can I not find the Add-In icon / why doesn’t it work?

A. Please follow the steps in Troubleshooting the Solid Commerce Excel Add-In Tool When It's Not Visible.


Q. Long numbers in my spreadsheet appear as 239457E+10, how can I change this?

A. This is because the spreadsheet is set for scientific notation.

To change this, you will need to view the data as text.  In Excel: select the desired column -> select the "Data" tab -> click "Text to Columns" -> click "Next" -> click "Next" ->> in the last window, choose the radio button marked "Text" -> click "OK."


Q. How can I work with just a few items during an upload from Excel?

A. The Add-In Tool uploads from top to bottom and stops when it reaches a blank row.  To limit the number of items you want to work with, simply add a blank row where you want the upload to stop.

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