Sending General (Non Automated) Emails to Buyers Through the Order Manager

This article explains how to manually email buyers from the Manage Orders page.

We also offer the ability to send emails automatically. To learn about automated emails, please see Sending Automated Emails to Buyers Through the CRM.


What we'll cover:

  1. An Overview of General (Non Automated) Emails
  2. Adding an Email Template to the CRM
  3. Sending Emails and Testing Your Template
  4. Downloadable Template for Sending General Emails
  5. Related Articles


An Overview of General (Non Automated) Emails

You can manually send an email regarding any order from the Manage Orders page.

Sending emails to your buyers can offer the following benefits:

  • Encourage repeat business
  • Allow you to promote your business (if it's allowed by the marketplace)
  • Increase customer satisfaction

To save time, you can save templates for your General emails in our CRM section.

There is a template attached to this article. It automatically populates with certain information and can be customized.


Before sending order emails, you should understand each marketplace's communication policy.

For example, Amazon has strict guidelines about communicating with their buyers. For full policy information, please see Amazon's article:


Adding an Email Template to the CRM

You don't need to create a template if you want to occasionally email a custom message to a buyer. If you plan to send specific messages to buyers on a more regular basis, it's a good idea to use a template.

To use a template:

1) Download the template attached to this article and open it. It is a plain Text file.

2) Select all of the text and copy it.

3) Go to the CRM menu -> Manage Email Templates and Rules.

4) Click the Add button.



5) Enter a template name in the Email Desc field.



6) Enter a Reply to Email address and a Subject line.



7) Paste the template text into the large white field.



8) Click the Save Template button.



9) Revise the template by updating the business information at the top and adding your message.

10) If you ever want to create additional templates, you can copy the message from your first template to use as a starting point. After that, click the Add button.

11) To delete a template, expand the General Templates(Non Automated) section. Select the template. Click the Delete button.



Sending Emails and Testing Your Template

One way to send test emails is to use the Send Sample Email feature on the template page. However, it doesn't account for the spacing and line breaks in your template the same way sending emails from the Manage Orders page does. That means that tests sent from the template page are not completely accurate.

If you are testing a template, it is best to use the same process you use to email buyers:

1) In a new tab or window, go to the Orders menu -> Manage Orders.

2) Search for one or more orders.

3) If you are testing your template, open the Edit Order details pop-up. Copy the Buyer Email address. Paste it in Notepad or another application. Enter your own email. Save the order.

  • After you send the test email, make sure to paste the original email address back into the Edit Order details pop-up and Save the order again.



4) Select your order(s).

5) In the Actions drop-down, select Send Email from Template. Click the Go button.



6) In the Send Email pop-up window, select the desired email Template from the drop-down. Click the Apply Template button.

  • If you do not want to use a template, don't select a template or click the Apply Template button. Instead, enter a Reply email address, Subject line, and Email body message.



7) Click the Send Email button. The results will appear in an overlay window.



Downloadable Template for Sending General Emails


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Attachment from the Downloadable Template for Sending General Emails section:

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