SolidShip FAQs

Q: How do I insure my packages when I'm shipping?

A: There are two types of insurance we support:

  1. Asset Protection: This service works with USPS.
  2. Declared Value: This service works with USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

Q: How does Asset Protection insurance work?

A: Asset Protection is a USPS insurance service. To use it, simply check the "Override insurance type" box in SolidShip and select "Asset Protection" from the drop down menu. You do not need to provide a value for this type of insurance.

NOTE: If you use Asset Protection insurance, you must also check the "Override insurance vendor" box and select an insurance provider from that drop down menu. The choices in that drop down menu are:

  1. USPS Insurance
  2. Endicia Parcel Insurance
  3. UPIC Insurance


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