Connecting & Using a USB Scale With the SolidShip Shipping Tool


This article will teach you how to setup a scale and use it to automatically pull weights into SolidShip.

Before You Get Started

If you have not setup the SolidShip shipping tool yet, now is a great time to get that going. Connecting your scale is part of that setup process. You can see all of the details in the article Setting Up the SolidShip Shipping Tool.

Connecting Your Scale

  1. Plug the scale into a USB port on your shipping computer. 
  2. Place any object on it. 
    • Make sure the scale is reading the weight properly.
  1. Launch Solid Ship.
    • Options menu -> Setup Scale.
    • A window will pop up with a list of the USB devices connected to your computer.


    • You probably won't know which item in the list is your scale.
      • You can find it by selecting the item at the top of the list and clicking on the "Get Weight" button.
      • If "N/A" is returned in the LB and Oz fields, that item was not your scale.
      • Select the next item in the list and try again.
    • When a weight is returned in the LB and Oz fields, you have found your scale!
      • Click the "Save and Close" button.

Using Your Scale With SolidShip

On the main screen of SolidShip, check the "Override total weight, use" box.

SolidShip Override Total Weight Option Enabled

Your weight will automatically pull into the SolidShip shipping tool when you hit the "Go" button (if you are in Test Ship mode, you will click the "Test Ship" button to pull the weight into SolidShip).

There are a lot of ways you can use your scale with SolidShip. Some people override the shipping provider, shipping method, and package type.

Other people boost their shipping speed by using automated Shipping Rules with their scale. Most of the clients who use Shipping Rules sort, pick, and print their multiple item orders before their single item orders. While this is not required, it allows them to box up the remaining single items without worrying about running into multiple item orders during label printing.

Because our shipping system is so flexible, we recommend that you consult with your Account Manager during implementation. They can help you find the solution that is right for you.

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