Automatically Emailing POs to Vendors

Having Solid Commerce automatically email purchase orders to your vendors makes order fulfillment easy.


What we'll cover in this article:

  1. How PO Emails Work
  2. Enabling PO Emails
  3. Troubleshooting PO Emails Not Being Received by Your Vendor
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How PO Emails Work

Purchase order emails contain product information. You also have the option to include buyer or marketplace information. A PO email is sent for every order. The emails are in plain text format.

Multiple Item Orders:
Multiple item orders are no problem. As an example, let's say you receive an order for three products. One product will be shipped by Vendor A. One by Vendor B. The third product you will ship yourself. Vendor A and B will each be sent a PO email with only their product.


Enabling PO Emails

Updating a few settings on a vendor's page is all you need to do to start sending PO emails.

1) If you need to add a new Vendor, see the article Creating a Vendor and Vendor Inventory List.

2) If you are enabling the POs on an existing Vendor, go to the Vendors menu -> Manage Vendors.

  • Click the vendor's name, or pencil icon, to open the Edit Vendor Details pop-up window.

3) In the Vendor Details section, enter the Contact E-mail address for the person who will receive the POs.

  • You can enter multiple email addresses, separated by commas. There is a 50 character limit.


4) In the Order Sync Options section, choose:

  • an Order Sync Option — The most popular is to "Send Buyer Shipping Info Only (Omit price & marketplace)."

NOTE: Do not select "Hide Order Info, Send Seller Ship Info Only - Consolidated" from the drop-down. We are working to add the ability to create consolidated POs, but this functionality is not working yet.

  • a Default Order Status — Choose which order status triggers sending the PO emails. Almost always "Paid."
  • Leave the two "Do not sync" checkboxes unchecked.
  • Send Purchase Order Email to Vendor — Check this box, unless you don't want to send emails yet.
  • Purchase Order Notification Type — "EMAIL."
  • Purchase Order Email CC — Enter as many additional email addresses as you need, separated by commas.
  • There's no need to fill in the large Purchase Order Email Template field. Solid Commerce uses a default PO email template. You only need to use this field if you want to customize the PO.


5) Click the Add New or Update Changes button.



Troubleshooting PO Emails Not Being Received by Your Vendor

PO emails are sent from the Contact Email address saved on the Manage Seller Account page.

Your vendor may have a filter on their email service that blocks certain types of email addresses. If they are not receiving your emails, you can try one of these solutions:

  1. Update your Contact Email address.
  2. Have them add your Contact Email address to their safe senders list.


To update your Contact Email address:

1) Admin menu -> Manage Seller Account.

2) Update your Contact Email address.

3) Click the Save Seller Information button.



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