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Q: I'm using the Western Power Sports API connection. How does the integration get information into Solid Commerce?

A: When you first connect your Solid Commerce account to Western Power Sports' API, Solid Commerce imports the entire WPS catalog. After that, we constantly update quantity and prices. As WPS adds new products, we add them to Solid Commerce too. We even automatically update data about existing products if WPS makes updates.

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  • I have a list of 19,000 ASINs matched up with the inventory (SKU) of Western Power Sports. How do I attach those 19,000 ASINs to the live feed that WPS is providing and then making them Online in the Marketplace without having to attach an ASIN to the SKU one at a time in my Marketplace?

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  • Andrew,

    You can upload a spreadsheet using the Solid Commerce Excel Add-in Tool. We recommend uploading your ASINs in small batches to verify your listings are correct. In the past some users ended up on the wrong listing because they did not double check their products on Amazon. Sometimes bulk ASIN sheets contain inaccurate data or the Amazon listing contains incorrect information. We list you using the ASIN, ISBN, or UPC you provide but Amazon controls the accuracy of the listing.

    To add your ASINs:

    1) Create a new spreadsheet. Use the Solid Commerce columns results, product custom sku and asin.

    2) Copy and paste your first batch of SKUs and ASINs into the new spreadsheet.

    3) Click on Upload Data and check Upload Product.

    4) Start Automation on a few items and check your listings.

    Continue this process to safely list all your items.


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