How to Open a Support Ticket

Opening a ticket is a great way to receive a quick response to your question or concern.

For the fastest response times, please provide the relevant details outlined below.


What we'll cover:

  1. Expectations and Response Times
  2. Creating a Support Ticket
  3. Additional Information to Include
  4. Managing Your Support Ticket


Expectations and Response Times

Our goal is to respond to all support tickets created before 5pm (Pacific Time) the same business day. We typically respond within a couple of hours.

Tickets submitted after hours are responded to as quickly as possible the following business day.

Our normal business hours are 6am to 6pm PT, Monday thru Friday (excluding major holidays).


Creating a Support Ticket

Opening a ticket is fast and easy. You only need to fill in a few fields. Here's how:

1) You must be logged in to our support site to create a ticket. There are two ways to log in:

  • Go to the HELP menu -> Online Support (Open Tickets / Knowledgebase) at the top of your Solid Commerce account.



  • Use the SIGN IN button in the upper right-hand corner of the support site.






3) On the ticket page, provide a specific Subject so we know what your question or concern is.

4) Select a Product from the drop-down menu.

5) Enter a detailed Request Description so that we can provide you with quick assistance.

  • If you would like a call back, please request it in the description.

6) Provide examples and supporting information so that we can better help you.

  • Please see the next section, Additional Information to Include, for guidelines about what details you should submit in order to receive the quickest resolution to your ticket.

7) Click the Submit button.


Additional Information to Include

The type of information you will want to include depends on the nature of your question or issue. Following these guidelines will help us resolve your ticket quicker.


General Information

  • Please provide screen captures, examples, and file attachments.
  • If you have multiple Solid Commerce accounts, include the name of the account.


Listing and Inventory

  • Provide an example SKU or SKUs.
  • Is this a kit or variation?
  • Give us the Warehouse Name and/or Market List Name.
  • Attach the Excel sheet you're uploading.
  • If you are receiving a listing error, provide the Last Listing Results error found in your Market List.
  • Has the same product, or similar products, listed in the past?



  • Paste the Excel Error being returned in the results column.
  • Attach the Excel Sheet you're using.
  • Provide us with the version of Microsoft Excel you're using.
  • Give us the version of the Excel Add-in Tool you are using. You can find this under About in the Solid Commerce tab.
  • Provide us with your version of Windows.
  • Has this same file, or similar files, uploaded successfully in the past?



  • Give us an example SC Order ID or Market Order Number.
  • Attach screen captures from the marketplace.
  • If you are importing orders or tracking information into Solid Commerce, attach the file you are importing.



  • Provide us with the version of SolidShip you're using.
  • If you are receiving an error in SolidShip, include the error message text.
  • If you are having issues printing labels, please provide the brand of your printer.
  • What label printing service are you using? If you're printing USPS labels, are you using Endicia's Label Server, Endicia DAZzle, or



  • Provide the Vendor Name.
  • If there is an issue processing your vendor's file via FTP, paste the Summary of the last attempted upload of your vendor's file.
    • You can find the upload reports by going to the the Products menu -> Inventory Import Status. Select a status from the Filer Import Status drop-down and click the Search button.
  • Provide us with your vendor's file name and file type. Does the file use a special delimiter?
  • Include your FTP address and credentials.
  • Is the problem only with a particular column?
  • Is there an issue with the quantity of items in the file?
    • Does your vendor remove discontinued items from their feed or leave them in with a quantity of zero?
  • When did the upload last work?


Managing Your Support Ticket

There are two ways to manage a ticket: through our support site or your inbox.


Managing a Support Ticket Inside Solid Support

1) Log in to

2) Click on REQUESTS in the menu bar.



The Open requests page displays all of your open tickets. Click on the subject line of the ticket to view the history, status, or to update the ticket.



Managing a Support Ticket Through Email

1) If a member of our support team updates your ticket, you will receive an email.

Your ticket number is displayed in the subject line and at the top of the email. The status is also displayed at the top of the email. Below that is a complete record of all updates to your ticket.

2) You can reply to the email to update the ticket. Clicking on your ticket number will open up your request inside of Solid Support.


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