Closing Marketplace Listings

When you want to close a live listing on a marketplace, you need to do it through Solid Commerce. This article will show you three different ways to close listings.


What we'll cover:

  1. Closing Marketplace Listings
  2. Explanation of the Automation Setting When Closing Listings
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Closing Marketplace Listings

Here are the three ways to close listings through Solid Commerce:

1) In any Solid Commerce Market List, select the listings you want to close and click the Close Listings button.

  • If you want to close listings for the same SKU on multiple marketplaces, you will need to find that SKU in each Solid Commerce Market List one at a time.



Turning off the automation by clicking Stop Automation does NOT close your listings. Turning off the automation prevents Solid Commerce from controlling the listings. They will remain active on the marketplace. If you want to close listings, you must click the Close Listings button.


2) In the Listed Online section, you can view the live listings for any SKU across all marketplaces.

  • Select the listings you want to close and click the Close Listings button.
  • This method allows you to close multiple listings from one page.



3) Set the inventory to 0 for any products you want to delist. You can revise your inventory through the user interface or a spreadsheet.

  • This method closes the live listings on all marketplaces.


NOTE: Do not close your listings directly on the marketplaces. We will not know they were closed and they will get stuck Online in Solid Commerce.


Once we receive confirmation from the marketplace that a listing has been closed, we will update the status of the listing in the Market List to Offline.


An Explanation of the Automation Setting When Closing Listings

When you close a listing through Solid Commerce, the automation needs to be turned on at the time of closing.

  • If you use the Close Listings button in a Market List or the Listed Online section, we will automatically turn the automation off so that your products don't relist.
  • If you set the inventory to 0 to close your listings, we will keep the automation turned on.

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