Creating a Basic Amazon Fixed Price Rule

This article will show you how to create a basic fixed price rule for Amazon. A fixed price rule is great for importing live listings from Amazon or setting fixed prices for your listings.


What we'll cover in this article:

  1. Creating a Basic Amazon Pricing Rule
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Creating a Basic Amazon Pricing Rule

1) Go to the Marketplaces menu -> Amazon Pricing Rules.

2) Click the Add Rule button.

3) Enter a Rule name.

4) In Pricing Rule Option, select the Fixed Price - Update sell price on Amazon according to item's 'Sale Price Expression' field radio button.

We will submit the value you enter in the Amazon Sell Price Expression field to Amazon as your price. There are two ways to populate the Sell Price Expression field:

    • Enter a number representing your price.
    • Use a formula containing the word cost. This can be handy if your vendors frequently change the prices they charge you.

EXAMPLE: If you enter cost*1.5, we will find the cost you entered in your Solid Commerce Warehouse and multiple it by 1.5. If you enter cost*1.5+3, we multiply the cost by 1.5 and add 3.

If you want to update your prices directly on Amazon, select the Do not update sell price on Amazon radio button. We won't submit price updates, but we will still submit quantity updates.

5) Click the Save Automation Rules button.



If you revise a rule, the changes are automatically applied to any listings using that rule.

You can create multiple rules. You might apply a fixed price rule to some listings, and one of several repricing rules to others.

To apply rules through the user interface, open an Amazon Market List in the Inventory Manager. Select your items, choose a rule from the Listing Rules drop-down menu, and click the Apply Listing Rules button. To apply rules through Excel, use the market auto rule column.


Automated Amazon Repricing Options

You can set up fully automated repricing by selecting one of the Automated Repricing radio buttons. Additional repricing options will appear.

For an explanation of the options, please see Amazon Repricing: Creating an Automated Repricing Rule.


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