Setting an "On Sale Price" to Amazon Listings

Solid Commerce allows you to set an "On Sale Price" to your items on the Amazon Marketplace. You may display the On Sale Price for a specific time period. In Excel, the fields available for you to use are as follows:

  • Amazon onsale price exp
  • Amazon Sale start date
  • Amazon sale end date

These fields are also available on the UI through the Columns Setup section.

These values may not be displayed on the listing unless you are in the Buy Box (as this would force a sale on all the other sellers sharing that listing). Solid Commerce will communicate On Sale Price data to your listing in Amazon Seller Central.


Creating an On Sale Price through Solid Commerce vs. Amazon

Solid Commerce currently cannot enter a specific time-of-day value for the "On Sale End Date" option. If you enter 11/20/2013, the end date/time will be 11/20/2013 00:00:00. Simply use 11/21/2013 if running the on sale price until the end of the day is acceptable.


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